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Valence 2008

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Date: 1 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


3370 			Mi-35 		231.vrl   
9844                    Mi-171Sh 	232.vrl
T-325 			AS332M-1 	nb
470/312-JO 		EMB312F 	EPNAA05.312
58/MJ 			N262A 		EPNER
519 			AS565SA 	36F
269 			Lynx HAS2(FN)	nn
1256/BSV 		SA330B 		GAMSTAT    
3860/BSR                SA342M 		GAMSTAT    
5610/BSB                AS555UN 	GAMSTAT   
1693/JBX                SA319A 		Gendarmerie
F-ZP.. 			EC145 		Securité Civile
99+24 			OV-10B 		F-AZKM
122 			CAP10B 		F-GOUM

2012/BST 		Tigre HAP 	GAMSTAT

Maintenance hangar:
4061/BSL, 4159/BSD 	SA342M 		GAMSTAT
4180/BSJ, 		SA342M 		GAMSTAT
4216/BSA, 4225/BSP 	SA342L1 	GAMSTAT
4226/BSE 		SA342L1 	GAMSTAT

Paint shop:
3948/BWD 		SA342M 		3RHC

RS05 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
1438/BSZ 		SA330B 		GAMSTAT
4014/BSK 		SA342M 		GAMSTAT
4208/BSC 		SA342L1 	GAMSTAT
159/ABU 		TBM-700B 	EAAT
216 			N1002 		F-AVZR
105 			N2501F 		F-AVZM
(250)/369 		Fury FB10 	F-AZXL, ex Iraq

24 			MH1521M 	pres at aeroclub
(52-7615)/AVV 		H-19D 		pres
1354 			SE3160 		pres
1642/AWS 		SA341F 		pres at gate

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