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Valence 2014

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Valence-Caheuil ALAT 60th Anniversary
Date: 28-9-2014
1438/DBG, 1507/DBI SA330B GAM/STAT  
1415 SA341F Aerotec Valence  
4108/CXD SA342M Montauban  
2638/CAF EC725AP 4RHFS  
891/MCE PC-6/B2-H4 ETCM  
139/ABS TBM-700B EAAT  
2034/BIB Tigre HAP 5RHC  
6002/BJB Tigre HAD GAM/STAT  
F-HBKA, F-HBKI EC120 Helidax  
F-AZDA “BBUG” MS502 private  
F-BOMB L-18C ex ALAT 18-1640  
F-GDPF DPF L-19A ex USAS 51-4754  
F-GHUO MH1521M ex France 299  
F-GLRS SE3130 ex ALAT 1346  
F-GKJE AS350B2 Héli Volcan  
F-HMMS AS350B3 Jet Systems Hélicoptères  
SA342M/L1* of GAM/STAT:
3948/GAT, 4180/GCK, 4181/GCL, 4208/GEB*
4216/GEK*, 4226/GEU*, 4230/GEY
On field:
F-GLEF A109E Proteus Helicopters  
F-GZFJ AS350B2 Jet Systems Hélicoptères  
Also here were various light aircraft which we did not log.
1949/BZM SA318C pres  
1354 SE3160 pres  
1642/TLO SA341F pres gate  
-1430 SA341F pony field  


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