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Berlin-Tempelhof 1990

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Date: 27 May 1990

Made by: Rob de Bie

Updated: 29 September 2023, Peter Wilmink

1272/CUJ	Alouette III	....,FAr
XW904		Gazelle AH1	7Flt,AAC
XS728/E		Dominie T1	6FTS,RAF
XS605		Andover E3	115sqn,RAF
ZE441/579	Jetstream T3	750sqn,FAA
87-0103		CH-47D		USAREUR	Colemann Bks
62-4453		CT-39A		.....,USAF
F02/61-MB	C 160F		ET61,FAF
79-23253	UV-20A		BerlAvnDet,USAREUR
73-22262	C-12A o4 C ?	BerlAvnDet,USAREUR
67-17305	UH-1H		BerlAvnDet,USAREUR
71-20025	UH-1H		BerlAvnDet,USAREUR
ZD948		Tristar KC1	216sqn,RAF
XV208		Hercules W2	RAE Farnborough,MoD
59-1511		KC-135R		19ARW,USAF
XX484/CU-566	Jetstream T2	750sqn,FAA
45-0951		C-47B		ex SpAF	ex T3-54
45-0557		C-54G		ex ..,USAAF
65-0275		C-141B		437MAW,USAF
84-0466		C-23A		10MAS/608MAG,USAF

66-8305		C-5A 		????MAW,USAF	 
82-0192		KC-10A	        344ARS/68ARW,USAF
XS793		Andover CC2	60sqn,RAFG
64-0502		C-130E		37TAS/435TAW,USAF  
66-16963	UH-1H	        BerlAvnDet,USAREUR 
67-17355	UH-1H	        BerlAvnDet,USAREUR 
83-0500		C-20A	        58MAS/608MAG,USAF  
84-0463		C-23A	        10MAS/608MAG,USAF  
84-0166		C-12F	        58MAS/608MAG,USAF  

..-155..	UH-1H		BerlAvnDet,USAREUR 
69-15611	UH-1H	        BerlAvnDet,USAREUR 
79-23254	UV-20A	        BerlAvnDet,USAREUR 

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