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Holzdorf 2024

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Holzdorf (Germany)

Tag der Bundeswehr

8 June 2024

ZM512/12 Juno HT1 1FTS  
14+02 Global 5000 FBS BMVg  
54+26 A400M LTG62  
55+02 C130J-30 BATS  
76+09 H145M HSG64  
79+22 NH90-TTH IHAz  
82+01 AS532U2 FBS BMVg  
84+13 CH-53GS HSG64  
84+57 CH-53GA HSG64  
84+75 CH-53GA HSG64  
D-HEDL EC135 P2+ GAF 0265
Hangar 1:
84+70 CH-53 Instr. Airframe  
D-HEOE BK117   cabin
Hangar 2:
84+99 CH-53GA HSG64  
D-HDDL EC135P2+ MFG5  
Flightline eastern end:
20-5600/LN F-35A 495th FS  
20-5601/LN F-35A 495th FS  
30+02 EF2000(T) nn  
30+45 EF2000 TLG74  
76+.. H145M LTG64  
79+14 NH90-TTH nn  
79+27 NH90-TTH nn  
79+33 NH90-TTH nn  
84+43 CH-53GA HSG64  
84+59 CH-53GA HSG64  
84+85 CH-53GS HSG64  
84+87 CH-53GA HSG64  
98+35 G-91R/3 Instr. Airframe  
99+42 G-91R/3 Instr. Airframe  
D-HCDL EC135P2+ MFG5  
Flying only:
30+22 EF2000 nn  
30+29 EF2000 nn  
54+22 A400M LTG62  
54+43 A400M LTG62  
60+03 P-3C for Portugal  
74+25 Tiger UHT nn  
74+30 Tiger UHT nn  
96+22 Mi24D ex 408 NVA behind hangars
71+90 UH-1D   gate

Credits: Internet

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