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Agrinion 2008

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Date: 10 November 2008

Made by: Scramble


7433/FG-433 		F-104G 		pres
(51-8298) 		F-86D 		dump

159939 			A-7H 		i/a
6639/FG-6639 		RF-104G 	i/a

Storage east group 1:
7152/FG-152 		F-104G 		std
7172/FG-172 		F-104G          std
7180 			F-104G          std
7183/FG-183 		F-104G          std
7195/FG-195             F-104G          std
7203/FG-203             F-104G          std
7409                    F-104G          std
7428/FG-428             F-104G          std
7429/FG-429             F-104G          std
7434/FG-434             F-104G          std
62-12317/FG-317 	F-104G          std
63-12706 		F-104G          std
63-12710/FG-710 	F-104G          std
63-13643/FG-643 	F-104G          std
6629/FG-6629 		RF-104G 	std
6672/RF-672 		RF-104G         std
6674/FG-6674 		RF-104G         std
8176/176 		RF-104G         std
5719/TF-719 		TF-104G         std
5733/TF-733             TF-104G         std
5910/TF-910             TF-104G         std
5916 			TF-104G         std
5917/TF-917 		TF-104G         std
5928/TF-5928 		TF-104G         std
5954/TF-954 		TF-104G         std
5959 			TF-104G         std
61-3044/TF-044 		TF-104G         std

Storage east group 2:
21+88 			F-104G 		std
22+10                   F-104G 		std
51-6168 		F-86D 		std
51-6234                 F-86D 		std
(6666)/FG-666 		F-104G 		std, fuselage only
(6670)/FG-6670 		F-104G          std, fuselage only
(6700)/FG-700 		F-104G          std, fuselage only
7167 			F-104G          std               
6642/RF-642 		RF-104G 	std               
6676/FG-6676 		RF-104G         std               
6690/FG-6690            RF-104G         std               
6693/FG-6693            RF-104G         std               
7201/FG-7201            RF-104G         std               
7207 			RF-104G         std               
5906/TF-906 		TF-104G         std               
(5714) 			TF-104G         std. fuselage only
This area held one more TF-104G fuselage, while the serial of
the last TF-104G has to be confirmed.

Storage west:
159913, 159921 		A-7H 		std
159944, 159946          A-7H            std
159949, 159953          A-7H            std
159954, 159956          A-7H            std
159961, 159962          A-7H            std
159965, 159966          A-7H            std

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