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Andravida 2005

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Date: 16/17 September 2005

Made by: Scramble, Alistair Dickson

Updated: 2 January 2011

01529, 01514		F-4E (AUP)	(338 MPK)
01521			F-4E (AUP)	(339 MPK)	hangar
159950			A-7H		336 MV
515			F-16C-52	115 PM

Preserved HQ near gate:
89053			F-5A		ex HAF
(37145)/145		F-84F		ex HAF
22304/FG-304		F-104G		ex HAF
19243			CL-13 Mk2	ex HAF

Preserved other side of runway:
?			F-4		ex HAF

1111, 1112		CL-215		355 MTM
2053, 2054		CL-415GR	383MEEA
N164AC			S-64E		Erickson Air Crane

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