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Dekelia-Tatoi 2008

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Date: 08 November 2008

Made by: Scramble


52-6837/837 		F-84F 		pres
117 			M-18 		359 MAEDY
806 			M-18BS 		359 MAEDY
69-7182, 69-7183 	T-41D 		360 MAE
69-7186, 69-7187 	T-41D           360 MAE
69-7188, 69-7191 	T-41D           360 MAE
69-7192, (69-7193) 	T-41D           360 MAE
69-7194, 69-7197 	T-41D           360 MAE
69-7198, 69-7200 	T-41D           360 MAE
70-1962 		T-41D           360 MAE
AC-2 			Ce172RG 	Limeniko Soma
AC-21, AC-22 		CeF406 		Limeniko Soma
(AC-4) 			TB-20 		Limeniko Soma
(68-18435)/735 		CH-54A 		as N154AC
There were many more AgCats and Dromaders on the flight
line, but after our experience at Tanagra we did not want to
push our luck any further and drove on.

2574 			AS332C-1 	384 MED 
2056                    CL-415MP 	383 MEEA
1569                    G.164A 		359 MAEDY 
116 			M-18 		359 MAEDY
009 			T-6A 		120 PEA
69-7185 		T-41D 		360 MAE
AC-23 			CeF406 		Limeniko Soma
AC-3 			TB-20 		Limeniko Soma
The TB-20 had ‘Limeniki Astynomia’ (harbour police) titels.

Hellenic Air Force Museum hangar:
(19168)/FU-910 		Sabre 2 as ‘12910’
T6776 			DH82A
52-6595/595 		F-84F
51-17011 		RF-84F
(51-10822)/998 		F-84G
52-10067/FU-067 	F-86D
(8)3321 		SB2C-5
49-3424 		T-6G
(301) 			Lim-2 		as ‘925’
(L9044) 		Blenheim IVF 	Wreck
And the wing of another Blenheim Mk I marked L1434. The
CL-13 Sabre 2 carried a F-86E USAF c/s, while the Lim-2 carried
a Korean AF c/s.

Hellenic Air Force Museum outside hangar:
159664 			A-7H
(19146) 		Sabre 2 	with yellow tail
65-10541 		F-5A
55-4035 		TF-102A
7415 			F-104G
101 			Mirage F1CG
51-7190/190 		HU-16B

Hellenic Air Force Museum ramp:
(2060) 			AB47J-2 	as ‘066’
KJ960 			C-47B
(19169)/202 		Sabre 2 	as ‘19202’
(19199) 		Sabre 2 	with red tail
69-7170 		RF-5A
56-2355 		TF-102A
7151 			F-104G 		‘Olympus’-c/s
63-12720 		F-104G 		‘Tigris’-c/s
5908/TF-5908 		TF-104G
120 			G-I
51-3952/952 		UH-19B
53-5029/TR-029 		T-33A
67-14742/TE-742 	T-37B
70-1959/TE-959 		T-37C
51-7204/204 		HU-16B

Hellenic Air Force Museum storage:
(D1+KG) 		Ju52/3m 	Wreck
(S7)+GM 		Ju87D-3 	Wreck
8005 			AB206A
KK169, 43-49111 	C-47B
6699 			F-104G 		Rear fuselage only
(6678)/FG-678 		RF-104G 	No rear fuselage
(62-12274) 		TF-104G 	Bare metal
5385 			OH-13H
(53-258) 		N2501D 		Bare metal
(53-5328)/TR-32(8) 	T-33A 		Partially bare metal
53-5890/TR-890 		T-33A
54-1614/TR-614 		T-33A
52-9805/TR-805 		T-33A
(51-5289)/289 		HU-16B 		ECM
The first Sabre 2 had a special Hellenic Flames c/s, while the
RF-5A carried a special ‘349 MPK 1967-1997’ colour scheme.
Bare metal TF-104G (62-12274) has been repaired with the
rear fuselage of TF-104G 62-12278. Also present behind the
museum storage hangar was a T-41 bagged in plastic. There
was not a lot of daylight left, and the closure of the access road
to the main gate of Elefsis also did not help. So we arrived at
16.30hr at the gate and did our thing in the fading light.

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