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Guatemala-La Aurora 2003

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Date: 5 December 2003

Made by:


A-432*, A-448*	A-37B		EdAA
A-436		A-37B		EdAA
530*, 590*	BT-67		EdT
1770*		F27-400M	EdT
832*		IAI201		EdT
458*		Beech 90	nn
TG-CFA*		Beech F90	CFA
792*		Beech 100	nn
-		Bell 206L	EdH
110*, 190*	UH-1H		EdH
103*, 106*	Bell 212	EdH
212*, 219*	PC-7		EdAR
A-229*, 265*	PC-7		EdAR
204		T-35B		EMA
56-1662		T-33A		preserved as "735"
N19FC	        Pitts S2	private       
TG-GUT	        AS350B2		nn                    
TG-BED	        Beech A36	Circulo Aéreo 
TG-MIN	        Beech A36TC	Circulo Aéreo 
TG-VAR	        Beech C33A	Circulo Aéreo 
TG-SES	        M5-210		private               
TG-JEN	        PT-17		"309"                 
YS-777P	        Decathlon	private       

Flying only:
001 + 1		Bell 412SP	EscPres

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