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La Aurora 2008

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Date: 10 December 2008

Made by:


A-424 		A-37B 		Esc Av. Ataque
A-448 		A-37B 		Esc Av. Ataque
R701 		Beech A90 	Esc de Avionetas
700 		Beech F90 	Esc de Avionetas
751 		Beech 300 	Eslla Presidencial
104 		Bell 212 	Esc de Helicopteros
108 		Bell 212 	Esc de Helicopteros
(001) 		Bell 412 	Eslla Presidencial
530, 560, 590 	BT-67 		Esc de Transporte
540 		C-47A 		wfu
32 		Ce206 		Estado Mayor
606 		Ce208B 		Esc de Avionetas
034 		CeT210 		Esc de Avionetas
(no serial) 	CeT303 		(impounded)
TG-WOP 		DC-6B 		wfu
1770 		F27-400M 	Esc de Transporte
832 		IAI201 		Esc de Transporte
212 		PC-7 		Esc de At. y Recon.
200, 201, 202 	T-35B 		EMA
170 		UH-1H 		Esc de Helicopteros
22387 		UH-1H-II 	Policia/DOSAW
TG-JEN 		PT-17 		as "309"
The Guatemalan Air Force held its annual open house in December
to commemorate Dia de AviaciĆ³n. Aircraft were displayed
on the vast apron, and with some patience great shots
could be made. Flying displays were also part of the event, and
the FAG participated in flying two Baslers and two Cessnas in
formation. The latest additions to the air force could be seen,
namely the Cessna 208 and Cessna 210. As part of the festivities
local kids were invited to hand-wash an A-37....

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