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Halim 2005

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Date: 5 October 2005

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

A-1318			C-130H-30	SkU.17?
A-1319, A-1321		C-130H-30	SkU.31
A-1325			L100-30		SkU.31    
A-1302, A-1303		C-130B	        SkU.32    
A-1310			KC-130B	        SkU.32    
A-1315, A-1316		C-130H	        SkU.32    
LD-3408, LD-3417	T-34C	        SkaDik.102
LD-0102, LD-0103	KT-1B	        SkaDik.102
LD-0104, LD-0105	KT-1B	        SkaDik.102
LD-0106			KT-1B	        SkaDik.102
HT-3308			SA330J	        SkU.8     
HT-3318			NSA330SM	SkU.8
TS-0503, TS-0509	F-5E		SkU.14
TS-0512			F-5E	        SkU.14
TS-0513, TS-0516	F-5F	        SkU.14
TS-1605, TS-1611	F-16A	        SkU.3 
TS-1601, TS-1603	F-16B	        SkU.3 
TS-2701, TS-2702	Su-27SK	        SkU.11
TS-3001, TS-3002	Su-30MK	        SkU.11
TL-0113			Hawk Mk109	SkU.1
TT-0221, TT-0223	Hawk Mk209	SkU.1
TT-0234			Hawk Mk209	SkU.1
TL-0102			Hawk Mk109	SkU.12
TT-0202, TT-0206	Hawk Mk209	SkU.12
TT-0207, TT-0214	Hawk Mk209	SkU.12
HL-1211			EC120B		SkU.7

Static in SkU.17 area:
A-2701, 2707		F-27		SkU.2
A-7304			B737-2Q8	SkU.17
1x			CN235-100M	SkU.2

A-1314			L100-30		SkU.17

A-1327			L100-30		SkU.31

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