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Halim 2019 (2)

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Halim Perdana Kusuma (Indonesia)

74th National Armed Forces Day (Ke-74 TNI)

5 October 2019

PK-PJJ BAe146-RJ85 SkU45 Pelita
AI-7301 B737-2X9 SkU5  
AI-7304 B737-2Q8 SkU5  
A-1305 C-130B (SkU32)  
A-1336 C-130H SkU32  
A-1319, A-1320 C-130H-30 SkU31  
A-2904 CN295M SkU2  
A-2909 +2 CN295M SkU2  
TT-3105, TT-3106, TT-3110 EMB314 SkU21  
TT-3113, TT-3114, TT-3115 EMB314 SkU21  
TS-1608 F-16A SkU3  
TS-1625 F-16C-52ID SkU3  
TS-1627 F-16C-52ID SkU16  
TS-1628, TS-1629 F-16C-52ID (SkU16)  
TS-1631 F-16C-52ID SkU16  
TS-1632 F-16C-52ID (SkU16)  
TS-1634 F-16C-52ID SkU16  
TS-1636, TS-1638 F-16C-52ID (SkU3)  
TS-1641 F-16C-52ID (SkU3)  
TS-1642 F-16C-52ID (SkU3)  
TS-1622 F-16D-52ID (SkU16)  
TS-1623 F-16D-52ID SkU3  
TS-1624 F-16D-52ID (SkU16)  
A-2804 F28-4000 SkU45  
HT-7205, HT-7206 H225M SkU8  
TL-0101 Hawk Mk109 SkU1  
TL-0111 Hawk Mk109 SkU12  
TT-0204, TT-0209, TT-0211 Hawk Mk209 SkU12  
TT-0224? Hawk Mk209 SkU1  
TT-0228, TT-0230, TT-0235 Hawk Mk209 SkU1  
LL-0104, LL-0109, LL-0110 KT-1B SkaDik102  
LL-0113, LL-0114, LL-0115 KT-1B SkaDik102  
LL-0116, LL-0117 KT-1B SkaDik102  
A-1314 L-100-30 SkU17  
A-1326 L-100-30 SkU31  
HT-3309 SA330J SkU8  
HT-3314 NSA330L SkU8  
TS-2701 Su-27SK SkU11  
TS-3001, TS-3002 Su-30MK2 SkU11  
TS-3006, TS-3008 Su-30MK2 SkU11  
TS-3009, TS-3010 Su-30MK2 SkU11  
TS-3011 Su-30MK2 SkU11  
TT-5001, TT-5002 T-50i SkU15  
TT-5014, TT-5016 T-50i SkU15  

Most of these participated in the aerial parade, and this was not all. Six EC120 remained unidentified as did various (Super) Puma/Cougars. These were bearing flags at the opening of the proceedings. Two CH-4B drones, two or three more F-16s, and more T-50s also remained inidentified.

HS-7210 AH-64E (SkUAD11)  
HS-7216 +1 AH-64E (SkUAD11)  
HS-7206 AS555AP (SkUAD13)  
HS-7207 AS555AP (SkUAD12)  
HA-5120 Bell 412EP (SkUAD1)  
HA-5162, HA-5163 Bell 412EP (SkUAD21)  
HA-5165 Bell 412EP (SkUAD12)  
HA-5174 Bell 412EP    
HA-5182 Bell 412EP (SkUAD12)  
HS-7152, HS-7153 Mi-35P SkUAD31  
HS-7154 +1 Mi-35P SkUAD31  

Even more difficult to identify were the army birds. Luckily, they flew from Pondok Cabe where most were identified during one of the rehearsals. Further participants were two NBo105s and one Mi-17V-5.

HS-4204, HS-4205 AS565MBe SkU400  
HS-4207, HS-4210 AS565MBe SkU400  
HS-4211 AS565MBe SkU400  
T-2501, T-2502, T-2504 Beech G36 SkU200  
T-2505, T-2506, T-2508 Beech G36 SkU200  
P-8301, P-8305 CN235-220MPA SkU800  
HU-4201 +3 NB412S SkU400  
U-6206, U-6207, U-6208 NC212-200M SkU600  
U-6211, U-6215, U-6216 NC212-200M SkU600  

These also operated from Pondok Cabe and may include some air spares.

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