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Jakarta-Kemayoran 1986

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Date: 22/23 June 1986

Made by:


A21-3 		F-18A
A21-107 	F-18B 			2OCU         
38474/CE	C-135F 		        ERV93        
F15/61-MJ	C160F 		        ET61         
3 		Atlantic 	        21F          
477 		Guardian                             
27/2-LM		Mirage 2000C 	        EC2          
510/2-LJ	Mirage 2000B 	        EC2          
A-2107 		NC212 		        TNI-AU 2Skw  
A-2707 		Fk27-400M 	        TNI-AU 2Skw  
H-3306 		SA330J 		        TNI-AU 17Skw 
HR-1517 	NBo105                               
HR-1518 	NBo105                               
HS-432 		Wasp HAS1 	        TNI-AL 400Skw
HS-7051 	Bo105C 		        TNI-AL       
HS-7065 	Bo105C 		        TNI-AL       
HU-442 		NAS332B 	        TNI-AL 400Skw
P-817 		N22SL 		        TNI-AL 800Skw
P-3003 		Bell 206 	        TNI-AK       
P-4001 		Bo105C 		        TNI-AK       
P-4004 		Bo105C 		        TNI-AK       
TS-0510 	F-5E 		        TNI-AU 14Skw 
TT-0414 	A-4E 		        TNI-AU 11Skw 
346 		C-130H 		        RJAF 3Sqdn   
M34-05 		MB339A 		        TUDM 3FTC    
M34-13 		MB339A 		        TUDM 3FTC    
85-5139 	Mushak 		        Pak A/F      
57-1461 	KC-135A 	        376SW        
81-0708/WP 	F-16A 		        86TFW        
81-0720/WP 	F-16A 		        86TFW        
XX227 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX243 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX252 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX253 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX259 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX260 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX264 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX266 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX297 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX304 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XX306 		Hawk T1 	        Red Arrows   
XV299 		Hercules C3 	        LTW          
XV305 		Hercules C3 	        LTW          

HA-5066 	UH-1D 			TNI-AD       
HR-1502 	NBo105 		        TNI-AU       
HU-440 		NAS332 		        TNI-AL 400Skw
HU-441 		NAS332 		        TNI-AL 400Skw
HV-405 		Bo105 		        TNI-AL 400Skw
P-3001 		Bell 206 	        TNI-AK       
P-2002 		Aero Commander 500A 	TNI-AK
P-2005 		PA-31 			TNI-AK
P-4002 		Bo105 		        TNI-AK
P-4003 		Bo105 		        TNI-AK
P-4005 		Bo105 		        TNI-AK
Wfu in hangar:                         
ST-142 		PZL-104 	        TNI-AU
ST-1805 	Cessna 188 	        TNI-AU

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