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Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta 1996

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Date: 21-30 June 1996

Made by:


A8-113        F-111C        Australian AF
H-3321        NAS332L-1     17SkU/Indo.AF 	c/n NSP15/2150
LL-5306       Hawk Mk53     103SkU/Indo.AF
LM-2032       AS202/18A3    101SkU/Indo.AF
AX-2107       NC212-CC4     800SkU/Indo.Navy 	c/n 89N/409
A-2306        CN235         2SkU/Indo. AF
AX-2314       CN235         IPTN/"TNI-  "
HA-5114       NB412HP       Indo. Army         	c/n 34026
HS-7109       NBo105CB4     Indo. Army    	c/n N100/S-668
P-4017        NBo105CB      Polisi        	c/n N107/S-705
AF-4776       C-47A         FASI/Indo.AF
M43-05        MiG-29N       17sq/Mal. AF  	c/n 36591/5301
M43-07        MiG-29N       19sq/Mal. AF  	c/n 36593/5303
J-203         F-16A         nb/322sq
J-656         F-16B         323sq
T-235         KDC-10        334sq
967(/148482)  A-4SU         142sq/Singapore AF
XZ721         Lynx HAS3     207Flt
85-0080       B-1B          127th BS KS ANG
63-7999       KC-135R       909th ARS
78-0510/ZZ    F-15C         44th FS
78-0515/ZZ    F-15C         18th Wing
158220        P-3C-IIIR     VP-47
9M-SMA        MD3-160
F-OHEV        TBM-700       Samaero            	c/n 52
F-ODXZ        TB-200                            c/n 1448
G-BOAD        Concorde 102  BA          arr. 24jun96
N3261E        Beech B200                     	c/n BB-1529
N33CD         CL-601
N500TH        Ce 208B       Cessna          	c/n 208B0500
N6201A        Bell 407                         	c/n 53029
N6282X        Bell 430                         	c/n 49006
N7771         B777-200      Boeing
PK-DAW        CH-601D                         	c/n 6-3107
PK-DAX        CH-601D                         	c/n 6-3282
PK-LNA        Bell 412      Derazona
PK-NZK        G.1159C       Gatari Air Service
PK-SDM        Su-26                             c/n 0104
PK-XFU        NB412
PK-XNC        CN235MPA      IPTN
PK-XNV        CN235-220     IPTN
PK-XSI        NAS332C                      	c/n NSP9/2109
PK-XXP        NBo105CBS4                  	c/n N121/S-719
RA-76759      IL-76T        Traverse Cargo

LL-5316       Hawk Mk53     TNI-AU/103SKu
LM-2024       AS202/18A3    TNI/AU/101SKu       c/n 207
"34" blue     IL-78         Gromov Institute
90-0822/MJ    F-16C         14th FS          '35 FW'
F-WWAI        A340-300      Airbus Industries
PK-HJA        C-212-200     Gatari Air Service
PK-NZH        BK117A3                           c/n 7008
PK-XNG        N250          IPTN

"598"         Su-27P        Gromov Inst. 	c/n 36911037820
"603"         Su-30         Gromov Inst. 	c/n 1010101
"709"         Su-35                      	c/n 79871011001
926(/148458)  A-4SU         142sq/Singapore AF
983(/145108)  A-4SU         142sq/Singapore AF
90-0802/MJ    F-16C         14thFS       "35 FW"

Hawk T1 (T1A) Red Arrows:   XX227, XX233, XX237,
XX252, XX253, XX260, XX266, XX292, XX294, XX306,

F-16A  TNI-AU/3SkU/Elang Biru (Blue Eagles):
TS-1605, TS-1606, TS-1607, TS-1608, TS-1609, TS-1610
TS-1611, TS-1612              ex 87-0713 - 87-0720

PC-9/A CFS/The Roulettes:
A23-031, A23-036, A23-037, A23-039, A23-041, A23-042
A23-065, A23-066

R-379         L-4J          FASI
B-475         Harvard       FASI

Hall C:
PK-SKT        Moni TriGear
PKS-075       Quicksilver MXL II Sport

Support a/c:	
HR-1517       NBo105CB      TNI-AU         	c/n N52/S-380
M30-14        C-130H-30     TUDM/20sq
XV190/190     Hercules C3   LTW
61-0275       KC-135R       22nd ARW

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