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Surabaya-Juanda 2022

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Surabaya-Juanda (Indonesia)

Naval Air Base Open Day (NABOD) 2022

12 June 2022

Static / flightline sheds
HS-1309 AS565MBe SkU400 special 66 years tail mks
U-6401 Beech 350i SkU600  
T-2501 Beech G36 SkU200 flew
T-2502 Beech G36 SkU200 flew
T-2503 Beech G36 SkU200 flew
T-2507 Beech G36 SkU200 flew
T-2601 Beech G58 SkU200  
T-2603 Beech G58 SkU200  
HS-4204 NBell 412HP SkU400  
HT-2302 Bell 505 SkU200  
U-6207 NC212M-200 SkU600  
U-6215 NC212M-200 SkU600 +3
P-8303 CN235-220MPA SkU800  
HT-2203 EC120B SkU200  
T-2703 PA-28-181 SkU200  
T-2704 PA-28-181 SkU200  
T-2705 PA-28-181 SkU200 flew
T-2301 TB-9GT SkU200  
Hangar marked 'Pangkalan Udara' with various booths
HS-4205 or 6 NBell 412 SkU400 +1 behind barriers
HE-4111 NBo105CB SkU400 behind barriers
HE-4113 NBo105CB SkU400 +1 behind barriers
T-2702 PA-28-181 SkU200  
Hangar marked 'TNI Angkatan Laut' (not accessible for public)
1x (or 2x) Beech G58 SkU200  
U-6205 NC212M-200 SkU600  
U-6216 NC212M-200 SkU600  
P-8301 CN235-220MPA SkU800  
LX-2806 PA-28-181 SkU200 +2 temp registration
Helicopter sheds
HS-1301 AS565MBe SkU400 +3
HT-2301 Bell 505 SkU200  
HT-2202 EC120B SkU200  
HE-4103 NBo105CB preserved Museum Penerbangan TNI-AL
U-630 DHC-5D stored  
(V-408) Mi-4A preserved  
6x N22B stored  
P-839 N22B preserved Outside gate
T-2303 TB-9GT preserved Museum Penerbangan TNI-AL

Credits: various internet resources/Erwin van Dijkman

This yearly event was held at the military side of Juanda airport, the TNI-AL (Indonesian Navy) celebrated the 66th birthday of its aviation. With a marching band, pasar (food market) and many booths it is very family oriented. One of the few chances to sample many TNI-AL aircraft, the two large open-front hangars, row of flightline sheds and parking opposite the main ramp near the helicopter base will land you many aircraft. It is unknown of foreigners are allowed though. Not barriers and backlit, so not really good for photography.

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