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Kish 2014

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Kish Island


Air Show ramp:
15-1237 Mi-171 IRGCAF/Shiraz  
15-2237 Y12-II IRGCAF  
15-2413, 15-2415  Emb312 IRGCAF/Training sq  
SN-2101 Mi-171 IRGCN/Helic transp. sq  
EP-HHD Bell 412EP n/t  
EP-LBR, EP-LBS Tu-154M Kish Air std  
EP-LCM MD-82 Kish Air  
EP-LCP Fokker 100 Kish Air  
EP-TBF  MD-88 Taban Air  
EP-ZAL A320-212 Zagros Air  
LZ-LDD MD-82 Kish Airport Café  
Bell-212 of Persian Gulf Aviation Service:
And many other small planes(20+), which are outside the scope of Scramble.
Inside the exhibition building there was an IRGCN Aviation HESA Shahed 278 light utility helicopter, which is basically a Bell 206, the only serial known to us is SN-3121
Normal traffic:
EP-FQA, EP-FQC Fokker 50 Qeshm Airlines std  
EP-LCG Fokker 50 Kish Air std  
EP-LCO MD-83 Kish Air  
EP-TBE MD-88 Taban Air  


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