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Aviano 1979

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Date: 1 July 1979

Made by: John Dyer


MM62122/46-23 	G222 		46AB
MM6837/51-32	F-104S 		51Stormo
MM6469/8-25	G91Y 		8Stormo
MM80890/15-07	HH-3F 		15Stormo
MM80638/EI-577	AB206 		ALE
MM80706/EI-355	AB205 		ALE
70-2379/LN	F-111F 		48TFW
70-1534 	F-5E 		527TFTAS
77-0272/WR	A-10A 		81TFW
77-0158/CR	F-15B 		32TFW
65-0692/TJ	F-4D 		401TFW
69-0366/ZR	RF-4C 		26TRW
62-4201 	VC-140B 	58MAS
66-0169 	C-141A 		438MAW
71-0879 	C-9A 		435TAW
61-0653 	T-39A 		58MAS
63-7807 	C-130E 
XZ135/P		Harrier GR3 	4Sqdn
XN983/K		Buccaneer S2	15Sqdn
XZ366/H		Jaguar GR1 	2Sqdn
RT-654 		CF-104D
GT-927 		TF-100F 	Esk730
AR-108 		Draken 	Esk729
AT-152 		Draken 
223/5-NM	Mirage F1C 	EC5
16834/5-MB	T-33S 		EC5
K-4006 		NF-5B 		313Sqdn
C-12 		Fk27M 		334Sqdn
37+06 		F-4F 		JG71
BA-10 		Mirage 5BA 	3Wing
..../F 		SAAB 105OE 	Austrian A/F
MM????/77	MB326 		SVBIA
MM61997 	C-130H 		MAFFS
MM62012/31-12 	DC-9 		Gruppo 31
MM62013/31-13 	DC-9 		Gruppo 31
MM80951/EI-530	AB206 		ALE
MM57229/EI-436 	SM-1019		ALE
MM54401 	S-001

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