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Cameri 1993

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Date: 13 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


658/33-TI             Mirage F-1CR 	ER2/33     
65/5-OO               Mirage 2000C      EC2/5      
87-0002               F-16D             142Filo    
164689/AJ300          F/A-18C           VFA15      
MM7160/51-30          AMX               103øGr     
MM6815/53-11          F-104S            21øGr      
MM6472/32-01          G-91Y             13øGr      
MM6329/60-29          G-91T             60øBA      
MM81292/72-29         NH500             472øGr     
MM54512/61-62         MB339A            61øBA      
MM55001/I-40          Tornado IDS       TTTE       
TE12B-41/79-94        CASA 212          Ala79      
T19C-10/35-28         CN235             Ala35      
MM7132                AMX               RSV        
MM62130/RS-51         G222              RSV        
MM81352/RS-36         MH500D            RSV        
MM7081/RS-01          Tornado IDS       RSV        
16/VJ                 CAP10             GI312      
02/CB                 CAP230            GI312      
MM61927/53-34         P166M             653øSC     
MM61930/53-35         P166M             653øSC     
MM61969               S208M             SCVV       
730/CA                Twin Otter        ET65       
MM81157/45            Bell 212          653øSC     
MM62020               Falcon 50         306øGr     
MM61949               PD808VIP          71øGr      
MM6599/53-21          F-104G            photo mount
MM54209, MM54218      MB326             wfu        
MM54274               MB326             wfu        

Frecce Tricolori:
MB339PAN   :  MM54439/12, MM54445/8,  MM54473/4
              MM54475/3,  MM54477/9,  MM54479/1
              MM54480/0,  MM54484/11, MM54485/10
              MM54486/2,  MM54551/6

Team Aquila:
CASA 101EB :  E25-14/79-14/4 , E25-28/79-28/12
              E25-23/79-23/10, E25-27/79-27/11
              E25-21/79-21/9 , E25-08/79-08/8
              E25-07/79-07/7 , E25-25/79-25/5

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