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Casarza della Delizia 2008

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Date: 18 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


MM81256/EI-879 		A109CM 		27°Gr    
MM81405/EI-935          A129C 		49°Gr     
MM81423/EI-953          A129CBT 	49°Gr   
MM81359/EI-468          AB412 		53°Gr/nmks
MM81363/EI-472          AB412 		53°Gr     
MM81264/72-01 		NH500E 		208°Gr
PS-58 			A109A-II 	10°RV
I-VFOU/VF-65 		AB412EP 	Nucleo Venezia

Hangar static:
I-VFMO/VF-04 		AB47G2 		preserved

Other side/flying:
MM81237/EI-860 		A109CM 		(7 RAVES/48°Gr)
MM81520/EI-203 		NH90-TTH 	1°Gr

Under shed (right one from static):
MM81392/EI-922 		A129C 		49°Gr
MM81404/EI-934          A129C           49°Gr
MM81410/EI-940          A129C           49°Gr
MM81425/EI-955          A129C           49°Gr

Under shed (left one from static):
MM81321/EI-908 		A129C 		49°Gr no rotors  
MM81325/EI-912          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81326/EI-913          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81396/EI-926          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81400/EI-930          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81417/EI-947          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81419/EI-949          A129C           49°Gr no rotors
MM81427/EI-957          A129CBT 	49°Gr no rotors

MM80534/EI-282 		AB205A-1 	27°Gr
MM80554/EI-302          AB205A-1 	27°Gr
MM80692/EI-321          AB205A-1 	27°Gr
MM80694/EI-323          AB205A-1 	27°Gr
5 Reggimento only has six AB205s left according to the maintenance
chief and all the AB206s have gone.

MM81319/EI-906 		A129C 		49°Gr   
MM81329/EI-916          A129C           49°Gr
MM81391/EI-921          A129C           49°Gr
MM81402/EI-932          A129C           49°Gr
MM81412/EI-942          A129C           49°Gr
MM81430/EI-960          A129CBT 	49°Gr 
MM81431/EI-961          A129CBT 	49°Gr 
MM81254/EI-877          A109CM 		27°Gr  
MM80560/EI-308          AB205A-1 	27°Gr

MM81332/EI-919 		A129C 		49°Gr  
MM81407/EI-937          A129C 		49°Gr  
MM81408/EI-938          A129C 		49°Gr  
MM81420/EI-950          A129C 		49°Gr  
MM81433/EI-963          A129CBT 	49°Gr

MM81397/EI-927 		A129C 		49°Gr
MM81398/EI-928 		A129C 		49°Gr

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