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Gioia del Colle 1996

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Date: 31 May 1996

Made by: Scramble


MM6934/9-51           F-104S-ASA   10øGr
MM62153/46-99         G222TCM      98øGr
MM55052/61-96         MB339A       212øGr
MM7116/32-11          AMX          13øGr
MM40121/41-06         Br1150       88øGr
MM7199/1-03           AV-8B+       GRUPAER
MM7203/36-02          Tornado ADV  12øGr
MM7023/36-31          Tornado IDS  156øGr
MM7026/50-06          Tornado IDS  155øGr
MM61958               PD808GE1     71øGr

MM54443/61-50         MB339A       212øGr
MM54506/61-54         MB339A       212øGr
MM7204/36-05          Tornado ADV  12øGr
MM7205/36-06          Tornado ADV  12øGr

MM54508/61-56         MB339A       212øGr
MM61921/36-66         P166M-APM    636øSC
MM61943/36-70         S208M        636øSC

Preserved at gate:
MM54281/36-73         MB326        636øSC orange c/s
MM53-5430/36-68       RT-33A       636øSC orange c/s
MM53-8308/36-06       F-86K        12øGr metal c/s
MM53-6858/36-39       F-84F        156øGr metal c/s
MM19600               F-86E        12øGr fin only

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