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Grosseto 1994

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Date: 5 June 1994

Made by: Scramble


4109                  Alpha Jet    JBG49   spec. c/s
4440, 4475            Tornado      JBG33
E-198                 F-16A        Esk727
ET-612                F-16B        Esk727
MM7140/2-06           AMX          14øGr
MM62013               DC-9-32      306øGr
MM62026               Falcon 50    306øGr
MM6930/4-20           F-104S-ASA   9øGr
MM54251/4-34          TF-104G      20øGr
MM54395/32-05         G-91T        201øGr
MM54513/61-63         MB339A       212øGr
MM7007/50-31          Tornado IDS  155øGr

MM81213               AB212        604øSC
MM7131/RS-13          AMX          RSV
MM62160               P180         AMI
MM61968/51-77         S208M        651øSC
MM6589/4-49           F-104G       20øGr last flight
MM6731/4-10           F-104S-ASA   9øGr
MM6769/4-2            F-104S-ASA   9øGr
MM6802/4-1            F-104S-ASA   9øGr
MM54233/4-30          TF-104G      20øGr
MM54237/4-32          TF-104G      20øGr
MM54253/4-35          TF-104G      20øGr
MM54257/4-39          TF-104G      20øGr
MM54258/4-40          TF-104G      20øGr

MM62120/46-90         G222TCM      46øBA
MM7081/RS-01          Tornado IDS  RSV
MM19841/4-44          F-86E        gate-guard
MM54231               TF-104G      pres.   spec. c/s
MM6576/3-45           F-104G       dump
MM54283/9-03          MB326        wfu

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