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Grosseto 1999

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Date: 25 September 1999

Made by: Lucio Alfieri, Alessandro Gasparini, Michael Balter, Herbert Dederichs

Updated: 23 March 2007

91-316/LN       	F-15E           494 FS/48 FW                                       
91-313/LN               F-15E           "3rd AF", 48 FW                                    
FA-122                  F-16A           BAF                                                
FA-111                  F-16A           BAF                                                
MM7026/6-26             TORNADO         6 ST. 154 GR.                                      
MM7189/51-03            AMX             51 ST. 103 GR   Indian head, just recoded was 51-57
XZ396/EM                JAGUAR          6 SQ.                                              
ZD844                   TORNADO         RAF                                                
37+42                   F-4F            JG 72                                              
43+40, 43+50            TORNADO         JB 38                                              
LX-N90455	        E-3A		NAEWF                                              
XX190                   HAWK            208 SQ.                                            
MM40119/30-04           ATLANTIC        30 ST.                                             
MM61961                 PD808 ECM       14 ST. 71 GR.                                      
T19B-07/35-25           CN235           ALA 35                                             
MM81200/6-37            SH-3D           MARINA                                             
MM81383/9-02            AB412           GUARDIA COSTIERA                                   
MM80832/EI-810          CH-37C          ESERCITO                                           
MM81324/EI-911          A129            ESERCITO                                           
MM80599/EI-538          AB206           ESERCITO                                           
MM81301/72-38           NH500E          72 ST.                                             
MM81051/GDF-93          NH500           GUARDIA FINANZA                                    
I-CFSL/CFS-11           NH500           FORESTALE                                          
PS-49                   A109            POLIZIA                                            
MM81149/4-62            AB212           4 ST. 604 SQR.                                     
86+04                   BO105           GER. ARMY                                          
87+38                   BO105           GER. ARMY                                          
MM54251/4-34            TF-104G M       4 ST.20 GR.                                        
MM6940/4-50             F-104 ASA       4 ST.20 GR.                                        
MM62007/4-64            S208M           4 ST. 604 SQR.                                     
MM54532/70-42           SF-260          70 ST.                                             
MM54532/61-72           MB339           61 ST.                                             
MM100057/CVV.01	        Nimbus 4D                                                          
MM9546/97-2	        MC.205		AMI Museum                                         
-		        MC.202		AMI Museum                                         

514/5-OE        	MIRAGE 2000B    EC. 5                 
18/5-OF                 MIRAGE 2000C    EC. 5                 
37+58                   F-4F            JG 72                 
C15-53/12-11            EF-18A          ALA 12                
E126/314-LI             ALPHAJET        FAF                   
E173/314-LH             ALPHAJET        FAF                   
MM7125/RS-11            AMX             RSV                   
MMX-602/RS-0            EF2000	        RSV, c/n DA3          
MM6934/RS-07            F-104 ASA       RSV                   
MM55062/RS-26           MB339 CD        RSV                   
MM62153X/RS-46          G222            RSV                   
MM81337/15-25	        HH-3F                                 
MM81341/15-29	        HH-3F                                 
MM81157/4-63	        AB.212                                
MM81159/4-61	        AB.212                                
MM81210/4-65	        AB.212                                
MM62151/14-04	        B-707                                 
1x		        AMX		in formation with B707
1x		        Tornado		in formation with B707
MM62137/46-95	        G222                                  
MM54433/70-20		SF260AM
MM55015/70-46		SF260AM
MM55016/70-47 +1	SF260AM
MM54492/61-36		MB339A 		arr
4x			MB339A		flying
N167F/44-73877  	P-51D           BREITLING FIGHTERS
NZ5648          	F-4U            BREITLING FIGHTERS

MM6805/4-10     	F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6714/4-11             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6875/4-14             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6843/4-20             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6842/4-54             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 20 GR.               
MM6769/4-53             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 20 GR.               
MM6873/4-52             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 20 GR.               
MM6941/4-4              F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6705/4-5              F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6704/4-7              F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6721/4-12             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6701/4-16             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.                
MM6822/4-21             F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.
MM6830/4-22		F-104 AS	camo (near shelter 96)                
MM54260/4-41 		TF-104G 	(near shelter 96)
MM6713/4-2 		F-104 ASA 	(in shelter 96)
MM54237/4-32		TF-104G
MM54261/4-42		TF-104G
MM54553/4-44		TF-104G
MM6825/37-10		F-104 ASA 	in 9 GR. area

MM54230/4-27		TF-104G
MM54235/4-31		TF-104G
MM6528/-		F-104G
MM6576/3-45		F-104G
MM6631/3-30		F-104G
MM6742/4-53		F-104S ASA
MM6747/37-24		F-104S ASA
MM6760/4-50		F-104S ASA
MM6784/37-27		F-104S ASA
MM6791/36-14		F-104S ASA
MM6802/4-1		F-104S ASA
MM6810/51-11		F-104S ASA
MM6814/53-16		F-104S ASA
MM6819/9-31		F-104S ASA
MM6826/4-51		F-104S ASA
MM6831/4-22		F-104S ASA
MM6847/37-11		F-104S ASA
MM6908/4-52		F-104S ASA
MM6913/37-04		F-104S ASA
MM6918/RS-06		F-104S ASA
MM6824/4-3              F-104 ASA       4 ST. 9 GR.        grey c/s
(MM6826)/4-51           F-104 ASA       4 ST. 20 GR.       camo c/s
MM54233/4-30		TF-104G
MM54558			TF-104G
MM6505/4-1		F-104G		WFU
MM6795/4-56		F-104S
MM6817/4-55		F-104S

And the Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As:
XX156, XX227, XX237, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX292, XX294, XX306 and XX307
plus a grey Hercules for support

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