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Jesolo 2013

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Lido di Jesolo European air Show
Date: 1-9-2013
Static :
MM55050/- AMX-T std  
Flying only:
FA-87 F-16A 2W  
T-333 AS532UL nb  
40 JAS39C HM 59 Sz.D.Reb  
MM81804/15-48 HH-139A 81° Centro AE  
MM7288/36-42 EF2000 XII Gruppo  
MM81773/15-25 HH-3F 15° Stormo  
MM7169/51-66 AMX 311° Gruppo RSV  
MM7014/RS-01 Tornado IDS 311° Gruppo RSV  
MM55090/RS-30 MB-339CD 311° Gruppo RSV  
CSX62219/RS-50 C-27J 311° Gruppo RSV  
CSX55152 T-346A Alenia Aermacchi  
D-EPOI EA300 Untitled  
EI-EXJ B717-2BL Volotea  
D-EXFF EA300 Untitled  
Alpha Jets of EPA20.300E, Patrouille de France:
E-114/1/F-TERR, E46/2/F-UHRF, E95/3/F-TERQ, E166/4  
E-73/5/F-TENE, E88/6/F-TELL, E163/7/F-TERB, E165/8  
E158/9/F-TERF, E94/0/F-TERH    
MB-339A/PAN of the 313Gruppo, Frecce Tricolori:
MM54538/1, MM55058/2, MM54534/3, MM55055/4, MM54480/5,
MM54510/6, MM54539/7, MM54477/8, MM55054/9, MM55059/0
PC-7 (NC) Pilotenrekrutenschule, PC-7 Team:
A-915, A-917, A-919, A-922, A-924, A-925, A-929, A-930, A-941

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