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Olbia - Costa Smeralda-Geasar 2008

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Date: 19 April 2008

Made by: Scramble


2044 			CL-415GR 	383 MEEA
MM80712/EI-341 		AB205A-1 	21°Gr
MM81452/GF-207 		AB412HP 	ROA di Gagliari
MM81461/CC-27 		AB412HP 	10°Nucleo Elicotteri
MM62208/10-02 		ATR42-400MP 	3°Nucleo Aereo
CSX62127 		C-27J 		Alenia
MM81485/2-06 		EH101-110ASW 	Grupelicot 1
PS-32 			AB206A-1 	7°RV
EC-JLC 			AT802 		DPC
F-ZBFK 			Beech B200 	Sécurité Civile
F-ZBFW/38 		CL-415 		Sécurité Civile
I-DPCI/26 		CL-415 		DPC-SOREM
I-DPCL 			P180 		DPC-CAI
I-VFOP/VF-61 		AB412EP 	Nucleo Sassari

2052 			CL-415GR 	383 MEEA
UD.14-01/43-31 		CL-415 		Grupo 43
MM81446/GF-204 		AB412HP 	Centro di Aviazione
MM62218/46-82 		C-27J 		98°Gr
MM81636/2-21 		EH101-410UTY 	Grupelicot 1
PS-57 			AB212 		7°RV
EC-JQM 			AT802 		DPC
I-DPCF/23 		CL-415 		DPC-SOREM
F-ZBFS/32 		CL-415 		Sécurité Civile
F-ZBMD/74 		DHC-8-Q402MR 	Sécurité Civile
N163AC/738 		S-64F 		Erickson Air Crane
RF-32767 		Be-200ChS 	MChS Rossiya

MM81171/GdiF-123 	A109A-IIGdF 	Centro di Aviazione
MM81385/9-04 		AB412SP 	1ªSez. di Volo Elicot.
MM25182/GF-12 		P166DL3 	GEA
PS-63 			A109A-II 	1°RV
I-DPCS 			P180 		DPC-CAI
I-..../VF-182 		P180 		Centro Aviazio
F-ZBFC/2109 		AS350B1 	Sécurité Civile
F-ZBMC/73 		DHC-8-Q402MR 	Sécurité Civile
RA-09000 		Falcon 900B 	Gvmt

This airshow at Olbia Airport (Sardinia, Italy) was held at the end
of the "Sardinia ARsons DIrect NIxing Action 2008" or shorter
"Sardinia 2008" forest fi re fi ghting exercise (from 14-19 April) of
the Fire 5 committee (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece).
A static display was set up on the new apron on the southwest
side of the airport, which also included a lot of emergency
and fi re fi ghting vehicles. During the airshow the fi re bombers
that fl ew dropped water in front of the audience. The EH101 in
the airshow fl ew from the amphibious ship "L9893 San Marco"
from Olbia harbour. The day before the airshow saw some VIP
aircraft from various forest fi ghting agencies visiting, including
Yak-42D RA-42441 of MChS Rossiya. Others noted were
Falcon 50 MM62029, P180 MM62212/9-01, A109A MM81201/
CC-100, AB412 MM81515/CC-12, NH500MC MM81052/GdiF-
94, P180 PS-B15. IL-76MD RA-78842 (Russian Air Force),
IL-96-300PU RA-96012, Tu-154Ms RA-85645, RA-85659 and
RA-85666 of Rossiya brought President Putin and his deligation
to Olbia.

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