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Parma 1998

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Date: 20 September 1998

Made by: Stefano Pincelli


TORNADO IDS     MM55004/6-15 
ATLANTIC        MM40124/30-11 
AMX             MM7140/3-21 
P166            MM25154/303-21 
NH500E          MM81297/72-34 
NH500E          MM81301/72-38 
AB212           MM81214                      SAR Linate 
G222            MM62110/46-81 + 2 others 
MB339 A/PAN                                  Frecce Tricolori 

Guardia di Finanza: 
NH500           MM81060/GdF-102 
A109            MM81369/GdF-136 
P166            MM25175/GF-05 

TORNADO GR1     ZA355/B-54                   TTTE 
TORNADO GR1     ZA321/B-58                   TTTE 

ALOUETTE        A-275 

And an SU 27 

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