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Piacenza-San Damiano 2006

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Date: 9 September 2006

Made by: Scramble, Gianandrea Bussi


MM7163/51-36		AMX		132°Gr          
MM.....		        AMX-T		101°Gr		spec mks
MM7244		        F-16ADF		23°Gr           
MM54185/5-50	        MB326		preserved       
MM81308/72-45	        NH500E		208°Gr          
MM61970/50-61	        S208M		650ªSC          
MM55020/70-53	        SF260AM		207°Gr          
MM7035/6-27	        Tornado IDS	154°Gr  
MM7059/50-47	        Tornado ECR	155°Gr  

MM7020/50-41		Tornado ECR	155°Gr
MM7021/50-01		Tornado ECR	155°Gr
MM7052/50-02		Tornado ECR	155°Gr
MM7053/50-07		Tornado ECR	155°Gr
MM7070/50-06		Tornado ECR	155°Gr
MM7027			Tornado IDS	155°Gr 	spec mks
MM7034/50-50		Tornado IDS	155°Gr
MM7044/50-53		Tornado IDS	155°Gr

MM..../50-03		F-104		pres gate
MM54400			G91T1		i/a		behind hangar
MM55004/6-53		Tornado IDS	102°Gr		far side
1x			Tornado		dump
A small open day for the ocassion of the 70th birthday of 50°Stormo and the 65th of 155°Gruppo

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