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Pisa 1995

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Date: 10 September 1995

Made by: Scramble


3802                  F-4F         JG71
4136                  Alpha Jet    FLG FFB
4637                  Tornado      JBG32
5116                  C-160D       LTG61
210/33-FN             Mirage F1C   EC3/33
100/F-SEXQ/4          TB30         GE315
T.12B-20/35-38        C212A        Ala35
5019                  L-39ZA       322tlt/CzechAF
4011                  Mi-24D       331vrlt/CzechAF
9013                  Su-25K       322tlt/CzechAF
XS709/M               Dominie T1   6FTS
ZD401/D               Harrier GR7  20sq
XX847/FX              Jaguar GR1A  41sq
XX497/E               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
59-1475               KC-135R      43rd ARG
163430/AB-412         F/A-18C      VFA-86
MM25154/303-21        P166DL3      303øGr
MM40113/30-75         Br1150       86øGr
MM54400/32-10         G-91T        201øGr
MM54496/61-42         MB339A       61øBA
MM55020/70-53         SF260AM      207øGr
MM55030/32-41         AMX-T        201øGr
MM61988/46-02         C-130H       50øGr
MM61993/46-07         C-130H       50øGr     hangar
MM62001/46-15         C-130H       50øGr     hangar
MM62017               PD808RM      8øGr
MM62102/46-20         G222TCM      2øGr      hangar
MM62144/46-98         G222TCM      98øGr     hangar
MM62152/46-38         G222TCM      2øGr
MM80633/EI-572        AB206C-1     26øGrSqALE
MM80707/EI-336        AB205A       26øGrSqALE
MM80961/GdiF-59       NH500MC      GdiFinanz
MM81278/72-15         NH500E       208øGr
MM81315/CC-11         AB412        Carabinieri
MM81351/15-39         HH-3F        82øGr
MM100055/CVV-10       Twin Astir   423øSC
MM53-3200/46-38       C-119G       preserved
I-DPCE/8              CL415        CFS
N9521C                PBY-5A       '48294'

Mass take-off:
MM61989/46-03         C-130H       50øGr
MM61990/46-04         C-130H       50øGr
MM61992/46-06         C-130H       50øGr
And the following G222TCMs:
MM62104/46-91, MM62115/46-22, MM62117/46-25
MM62121/46-86, MM62123/46-28, MM62124/46-88
MM62132/46-32, MM62134/46-33, MM62135/46-94

Others static side:
MM54511               MB339        311øGr
MM61957               PD808TP      8øGr
MM61988/46-02         C-130H       50øGr
MM62012               DC-9-32      306øGr
MM62155               G222PROCIV   46øBA
MM80537/EI-285        AB205A       26øGSALE
MM80853/GdiF-54       NH500MC      GdiFinanz
And the following G222TCM:
MM62103/46-37, MM62105/46-82, MM62109/46-96
MM62110/46-81, MM62112/46-85, MM62114/46-80
MM62119/46-21, MM62120/46-90, MM62126/46-26
MM62133/46-93, MM62143/46-36, MM62146/46-51

Far side:
76/33-FO, ../33-FV    Mirage F1C   EC03.033
92/F-SEXI/1           TB30         GE315
105/F-SEXV/2          TB30         GE315
117/F-SEYH/3          TB30         GE315
3786                  F-4F         JG71
4027                  Alpha Jet    FLG FFB
0004                  L-39MS       nn/CzechAF
0702, 0709       +1   Mi-24V       331vrlt/CzechAF
1002                  Su-25K       322tlt/CzechAF
MM60216/AM-96         G222         stored/SomaliAF
ZD329/H               Harrier GR7  20(R)sq
MM7149/3-11           AMX          132øGr
MM61991/46-05         C-130H       50øGr
MM62130/RS-51         G222TCM      RSV
MM62145/46-50         G222PROCIV   46øBA
MM62147/46-52         G222PROCIV   46øBA
MM62154               G222PROCIV   46øBA
MM81162               AB212AM      nb
MM81281/72-18         NH500E       208øGr
MM81408/EI-938        A129A        49øGrSqERI
1x		      Tornado IDS  AMI

MM..../4-1	      F-104S	   nn, base attack & flypast
3x		      F-104S	   nn, base attack & flypast
1x		      B707	   nn, inflight refuelling demo
1x		      AMX	   nn, inflight refuelling demo
1x		      Tornado	   nn, inflight refuelling demo

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