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Pisa-San Giusto 2005

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Date: 10 September 2005

Made by: Scramble, Edward Pelgrim


LX-N90458		E-3A		NAEW&CF
MM81449/GdiF-142	A109A-IIGdF	GdiF
MM81437/CC-23		AB412HP		4ºNucleo Elicotteri
CSX62126		C-27J		Alenia
MM53-3200/46-38		C-119G		pres
MM62186/46-51		C-130J		2ºGr
MM62188/46-54		C-130J-30	50ºGr
MM62117/46-25		G222TCM		98ºGr
MM55086/61-156		MB339CD		12ºGr

MM55094/4-3		EF2000(T)	IXºGr          
MM55096/4-4	        EF2000(T)	XXºGr          
MM81489/2-10	        EH101(-112)ASuW/E  1ºGrupelicot
MM7258/37	        F-16A ADF	18ºGr          
I-DPCY/20	        CL-415		SOREM                  

MM62109/46-96		G222TCM		98ºGr        
MM62136/46-97	        G222TCM	        98ºGr        
MM62145/46-50	        G222TCM	        98ºGr        
MM62146/46-51	        G222TCM	        98ºGr        
MM62152/RS-45	        G222TCM	        311ºGr RSV   
MM62153/RS-46	        G222TCM	        311ºGr RSV   
MM80974/15-01	        HH-3F	        85ºCentro SAR
codes 1-10		MB339A		Frecce Tricolori

Platform/not flying:
MM80924/CC-46		AB206C-1	Centro Elicotteri
MM62.../..-..		G222TCM		98ºGr
MM5..../0		MB339A		Frecce Tricolori
MM62205			P180AM		71ºGr
I-VFAD/VF-18		AB206B-III	Nucleo Arezzo

G222 Storage area:
MM62178/46-43		C-130J		2ºGr	also flying
MM62180/46-45	        C-130J	        2ºGr               
MM62182/46-47	        C-130J	        2ºGr               
MM62183/46-48	        C-130J	        50ºGr              
MM62185/46-50	        C-130J	        50ºGr              
MM62187/46-53	        C-130J-30	2ºGr       
MM62189/46-55	        C-130J-30	50ºGr      
MM62190/46-56	        C-130J-30	50ºGr      
MM62191/46-57	        C-130J-30	50ºGr      
MM62192/46-58	        C-130J-30	50ºGr      
MM62194/46-60	        C-130J-30	50ºGr      
MM62104/46-91		G222TCM		std           
MM62109/46-96	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62115/46-22	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62117/46-25	        G222TCM	        98ºGr         
MM62118/46-24	        G222TCM	        98ºGr         
MM62119/46-21	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62120/46-90	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62121/RS-46	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62122/46-23	        G222TCM	        98ºGr         
MM62133/46-93	        G222TCM	        std           
MM62135/46-94	        G222TCM	        std, UN titles
MM62145/46-50	        G222TCM	        98ºGr         
MM62146/46-51	        G222TCM	        98ºGr         
MM62154/46-54	        G222TCM	        std?          
MM62155/46-53	        G222TCM	        std           

Hangar area:
MM81030/CC-66		AB206B-1	Raggrupp. Elicotteri	in hangar
MM81447/CC-24	        AB412HP		4ºNucleo Elicotteri	in hangar         
MM62175/46-40	        C-130J	        2ºGr                
MM62181/46-46	        C-130J	        50ºGr               
MM62184/46-49	        C-130J	        50ºGr               
MM62193/46-59	        C-130J-30	50ºGr               
MM62196/46-62	        C-130J-30	50ºGr               
MM62110/46-81	        G222TCM		std                         
MM62111/46-83	        G222TCM	        std                 
MM62118/46-24	        G222TCM	        98ºGr               
MM62126/46-26	        G222TCM	        std	no engines  

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