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Pratica di Mare 1998

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Date: 24 May 1998

Made by: Erik-Jan Engelen, Aidan Curley

Updated: 23 March 2007

Fiat G80, Italian AF
There won't be many spotters who have seen this aircraft type flying. The Fiat G-80 was developed around 1950 to become the trainer for the Italian Air Force. However, the Italians decided to go for the T-33 T-bird and only five aircraft were built. This MM53882/RS-22 is fortunately being preserved and was displayed during the anniversary show at Pratica di Mare.

Photo: Marco Mittini

Wrecks & relics on the base: 
AB-47G-2          MM80476/32          Preserved          Ex 208°Gruppo SVE 
F-104G            MM6660/RS-02        Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
F-104G            MM6508/RS-03        Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
G-91R/PAN         MM6248/7            Preserved          Ex 313°Gruppo AA 
G-91T prototype   MM6288/RS-01        Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
G-91Y prototype   MM579/RS-11         Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
MB-326            MM54201             Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
AB-204B-II/EM-1   "PS-001"            Instr. airframe    Ex AdE 
Bell47J	  	  MM80157/31-48	      Preserved		 outside 15 Stormo building
Bell47G2	  MM80166/G.diF.1     Preserved		 as "MM80084" close to G.diF hangar
MB326E		  MM54385 
F-104G, MM6508/RS-03 is fitted with the tail of MM6527. 

Wrecks & relics static: 
CVV-6 Canguro     MM100028            Preserved          Ex 423ªSC 
C.29              MM130               Preserved          Ex RA 
G.5bis            MM290               Preserved          Ex RA 
"G.55"            MM53265             Preserved          Ex AMI, cvtd G.59 
G-80-3B           MM53882/RS-22       Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
G-91R/PAN         MM6241/3            Preserved          Ex 313°Gruppo AA 
MB-326 prototype  "MM571"             Preserved          Ex 311°Gruppo RSV, ex MM572 
Macchi C.200-IV   MM5311/369-1        Preserved          Ex RA 
Macchi C.202      "5"                 Preserved          Ex RA 
Macchi C.202      MM9667/73-7         Preserved          Ex RA 
Macchi C.205      MM92166?            Preserved          Ex Egypt AF 
OH-13H            MM80804/3           Preserved          Ex 208°Gruppo SVE 
SM.79/M           "MM24327/278-2"     Preserved          Ex RA, MM45508 
Fi-156C-3         MM12822/20          G-FIST             Ex Sq Autonomo CUA 
T-6H-4M           MMX604/RS-S-1       311°Gruppo RSV/RSV Ex MM53828 
The T-6 was on display between WWII aircraft but is still active (confirmed by RSV aircrew in May 1999 and July

Static (Polizia di Stato platform): 
ATR-42-400MP      MM62165/G.diF.13    2°Gruppo EM 

Large hangar East to Polizia di Stato platform: 
A-109A-II         PS-61               1°RV 
A-109A-II         PS-62               1°RV 
A-109A-II         PS-63               1°RV 
A-109A-II         PS-64               1°RV 
AB-206B-3         PS-84               1°RV 
AB-206B-3         PS-91               1°RV 
AB-212            PS-100              1°RV 
AB-212            PS-102              1°RV 

Small hangar North to Polizia di Stato platform: 
P.64B-100         PS-A91              Stored 
P.64B-100         PS-A92              Stored 
P.68OBS           I-SPRU              Dipartimento Protezione Civile 
P.68OBS           PS-B03              1°RV 
P.68OBS           PS-B06              1°RV 
AB-212            PS-42               1°RV 

Carabinieri hangars: 
A-109A-II         MM81107/CC-84       Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81102/CC-85       Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81106/CC-87       Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81227/CC-101      Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81228/CC-102      Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81316/CC-104      Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-II         MM81319/CC-107      Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM80928/CC-50       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81025/CC-61       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81029/CC-62       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81029/CC-66       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81031/CC-67       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81037/CC-73       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412            MM81166/CC-01       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412            MM81193/CC-06       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412            MM81313/CC-09       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412HP          MM81478/CC-34       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412HP          MM81479/CC-35       Centro Elicotteri 

Static (311°Gruppo RSV platform): 
SC7-3M            5S-TB               FlRgt1/4 Staffel 
Alpha Jet         AT26                1 Wing 
L-410UVP-E14      2312                61dlt 
F-16A             E-197               Esk727 
F-16B             ET-615              Esk727 
F-16C             59                  347 MPK 
F-16D             81                  347 MPK 
Tornado IDT       43+16/G-32          TTTE 
AV-8B+            MM7224/1-19         1°Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati 
F-16A             J-198               311 sqn 
F-16A             J-202               322 sqn 
A-7P              15509               Esq304 
A-7P              15519               Esq304 
CN-235M           T.19B-17/35-35      Ala35 
JA-37             37408/28            F21 
F/A-18D           J-5237              FlSt17 
F-15E             90-0248/LN rd/bl/yl mlt/48 FW          Marked: 48th FW 
AV-8B+            164569/EH-60        HMM-264(MEU)  (VMA-231) 
AV-8B+(R)         165312/EH-61        HMM-264(MEU)  (VMA-231), marked: SFOR 
A321		  I-BIXV	      Alitalia
D-BJET		  Do328JET	      Dornier

Left hangars behind static (311°Gruppo RSV): 
AMX               MM7092/RS-14        311°Gruppo RSV 

Middle (large) hangar behind static (311°Gruppo RSV): 
AMX-T             MM55024/15          311°Gruppo RSV 
AMX-T             MM55025/RS-16       311°Gruppo RSV 
AMX-T             MM55034/18          311°Gruppo RSV 
Tornado IDS       MM7056              311°Gruppo RSV 

Old hangar near taxiway (311°Gruppo RSV): 
AMX               MM7092/RS-14        311°Gruppo RSV 
+ Unknown: 1x HH-3F (85°Gruppo SAR). 
The AMX is most likely stored in this hangar. During a visit in July 1998 it was still present in the same hangar
although according to the RSV aircrew it was not officially taken of charge. Yet it was also not used for flying
activities for quite some time already. 

Technical School (311°Gruppo RSV): 
Tornado IDS       MM7088              Instr. airframe    Ex 154°Gruppo CBOC 
This Tornado was only used as i/a on temporary basis. In August 1998 it was seen again operational at
Brescia-Ghedi as 6-04. 

Right hangar behind static (311°Gruppo RSV): 
AB-212AM          MM81151             311°Gruppo RSV 

Static (14°Stormo platform): 
AB-47G-2          I-VFED/VF-01        Preserved          Ex CNVF 
PD-808G1          MM61958             Preserved          Ex 71°Gruppo GE (demo c/s) 
PD-808RM          MM62016             Preserved          Ex 8°Gruppo RM (demo c/s) 
C-160D            50+99               LTG61 
C-160R            R46/61-MR           ET00.061 
AB-212AM          MM81208             81ªCAE 
AMX               MM7184/3-06         132°Gruppo CBR 
AMX-T             MM55042/32-56       101°Gruppo SVBAA 
B-707T/T          MM62149/14-02       8°Gruppo RM 
Br-1150           MM40108/41-70       88°Gruppo AS 
C-130H            MM61999/46-13       50°Gruppo TM 
F-104S-ASAM       MM6935/5-30         23°Gruppo CIO 
G-222RM           MM62141/14-22       8°Gruppo RM 
G-222TCM          MM62101/RS-45       8°Gruppo RM        RSV markings 
Grob 103          MM100049/CVV-02     423ªSC/CMVV 
HH-3F             MM80984/15-13       85°Gruppo SAR 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54478/0           313°Gruppo AA 
MB-339A           MM54488/61-32       212°Gruppo SVBIA 
MB-339CD          MM55062/RS-26       311°Gruppo RSV 
NH-500E           MM81301/72-38       208°Gruppo SVE 
P-166DL-3/SEM1    MM25155/303-22      303°Gruppo VA 
S-208/M           MM61968/RS-53       311°Gruppo RSV 
SF-260AM          MM54429/70-14       207°Gruppo SVBAE 
Tornado ADV       MM7234/53-14        21°Gruppo CIO  Demo c/s 
Tornado IDS       MM7017/6-07         154°Gruppo CBOC 
A-129/EA          MM81406/E.I.936     CAE 
CH-47C/ETM-1      MM81231/E.I.830     11°GrSq ETM 
Do-228-212/ACTL-1 MM62158/E.I.103     CAE 
AB-212ASW         MM81378/7-68        5°Grupelicot AMM 
SH-3D/H           MM81113/6-28        1°Grupelicot AMM 
A-109A-II         MM81110/CC-92       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-206B-1         MM81039/CC-75       Centro Elicotteri 
AB-412            I-CFSX/CFS-19       Centro Operativo Aeromobili 
AB-412            I-VFOM/VF-59        Centro Nazionale Addestramento al Volo 
CL-415-6B11       I-DPCP/11           DPC/SOREM Roma 
AB-412CP          MM81382/9-01        1ªSezione Volo Elicotteri 
P-166DL-3/SEM2    MM25159/8-01        3°NAC 
A-109A-II/GdF     MM81369/G.diF.136   Centro Aviazione della GdF 
AB-412HP          MM81444/G.diF.202   Centro Aviazione della GdF 
P-166DL-3/SEM2    MM25182/G.diF.12    1°Gruppo Osservazione 
A-109A-II         PS-44               1°RV 
AB-206B-3         PS-65               1°RV 
AB-212            PS-101              1°RV 
P.68OBS           PS-A96              1°RV 
Fokker 60UTA      U-03                334 sqn 
NE-3A             LX-N90453           NAEWF 
AS-332M-1         T-320               FlSt4 
Chinook HC2       ZH775/NS            27 (R) sqn 
Hercules C3       XV184/184           LTW 

Storage compound at the end of the static: 
F-104S-ASA        MM6747/37-24        Stored             Ex 18°Gruppo CIO 
MB-326            MM54222/9-02        Stored             Ex 609ªSC 
MB-326K           MM54391/34          Stored             Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
F-104S-ASA        MM6831/4-22         311°Gruppo CIO     In 9°Gruppo CIO markings 
MB-339A           MM54441/RS-28       311°Gruppo RSV 
Both Starfighters in this area were on loan to the 311°Gruppo CIO. MM6747/37-24 was withdrawn from use but
although MM6831/4-22 was clearly missing some pieces was still active. It was seen flying for the RSV at Pratica
di Mare in June and July 1998. 

Left hangar behind static (14°Stormo): 
PD-808TA          MM61951             Stored             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808TA          MM61957             Stored             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808GE1         MM61959             Stored             Ex 71°Gruppo GE 
PD-808RM          MM62015             Stored             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808TA          MM61950             8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808GE2         MM61952             71°Gruppo GE 
PD-808GE2         MM61955             71°Gruppo GE 
PD-808GE1         MM61960             71°Gruppo GE 
G-222TCM          MM62135/46-94       98°Gruppo TM 
G-222RM           MM62139/14-20       8°Gruppo RM 
G-222RM           MM62140/14-21       8°Gruppo RM 

Right hangar behind static (14°Stormo): 
B-707T/T          MM62148/14-01       8°Gruppo RM 
HH-3F             MM80989/15-20       85°Gruppo SAR 

Hangar behind C-130J (14°Stormo): 
NH-500D           MM81353/RS-37       311°Gruppo RSV 

Hangar (71°Gruppo GE): 
PD-808TA          MM61948             Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 

Hangar (6°GME): 
HH-3F             MM81341/15-29       15°Stormo 
HH-3F             MM81343/15-31       15°Stormo 
HH-3F             MM81347/15-35       15°Stormo 
HH-3F             MM81349/15-37       15°Stormo 
+ Unknown: 1x HH-3F (15°Stormo) 

Dump compound across runway: 
C-47A             MM61775/14-40       Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
C-47A             MM61893/14-46       Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
C-47ECM           MM61825/14-50       Dumped             Ex 71°Gruppo GE 
EC-119G           MM53-8146/46-35     Dumped             Ex 71°Gruppo GE 
G-222TCM          MM62129/RS-44       Dumped             Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
PD-808-525        MM578/RS-49         Dumped             Ex 311°Gruppo RSV 
PD-808TA          MM61949             Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808TA          MM61956             Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
PD-808RM          MM62017             Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 
T-33A             MM51-9140/6-31      Dumped             Ex 606ªSC 
T-33A             MM51-4514/14-22     Dumped             Ex 8°Gruppo RM 

15°Stormo helicopter platform (north side): 
AB-212AM          MM81144             81ªCAE 
AB-212AM          MM81153             85°Gruppo SAR 
AB-212AM          MM81211/15-11       85°Gruppo SAR 
AB-212AM          MM81156/9-14        609ªSC 
HH-3F             MM80980/15-07       85°Gruppo SAR      White c/s 
HH-3F             MM80985/15-14       85°Gruppo SAR 
HH-3F             MM81337/15-25       85°Gruppo SAR 
HH-3F             MM81348/15-36       85°Gruppo SAR 
HH-3F             MM81350/15-38       85°Gruppo SAR 
HH-3F             MM81351/15-39       85°Gruppo SAR 
NH-500E           MM81294/72-31       208°Gruppo SVE 
NH-500E           MM81303/72-40       208°Gruppo SVE 
AB-412HP          MM81477/CC-33       Centro Elicotteri 
A-109A-IIGdF      MM81370/G.diF.137   Centro Aviazione della GdF 
AB-412HP          MM81453/G.diF.208   Centro Aviazione della GdF 
AB-412HP          MM81454/G.diF.209   Centro Aviazione della GdF 
AB-212            PS-43               1°RV 

Hangar next to 15°Stormo platform (Nucleo Roma): 
NH-500M           MM80971/G.diF.69    Nucleo Elicotteri Roma 
NH-500M           MM81006/G.diF.82    Nucleo Elicotteri Roma 

Air Accident Investigation hangar:
DC9-14		  I-TIGI	      ex Itavia

Flightline 1: 
A109E		  I-EAPW	      c/n 11002
G.59-4B-10        I-MRSV              Ex AMI, MM53774 
A-129-800         I-INTR              Agusta 
EH-101-100        I-LIOI              Agusta              c/n PP.9 
C-130J            N4099R/54           Lockheed 
AMX               CSX7158/RS-12       311°Gruppo RSV 
AMX               MM7125/RS-11        311°Gruppo RSV 
F-104S-ASA        MM6817/51-02        22°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA-M      CMX611/RS-06        311°Gruppo RSV      Ex MM6945 
G-222TCM          MM62121/RS-46       311°Gruppo RSV 
Tornado IDS       MM7028/6-18         154°Gruppo CBOC 
Tornado IDS       MM7016/RS-01        311°Gruppo RSV 
MB-339CD          MM55065/61-131      212°Gruppo SVBIA 
MB-339CD          MM55063/RS-27       311°Gruppo RSV 

Flightline 2: 
J-35ö             14                  FlRgt2/UbG/1 
J-35ö             18                  FlRgt2/UbG/1 
F-16A             FA67                10 Wing             Demo c/s 
F-16A             FA92                nb (10 Wing) 
Mirage 2000-5     3/5-OO              EC02.005 
Mirage 2000B      511/5-OR            EC02.005 
MiG-29 Fulcrum-A  29+21               JG73                Ex LSK/LV; 786 
AMX-T             MM55041/32-55       101°Gruppo SVBAA    Also in mass flightpass 
EF-2000           MMX602/RS-0         Alenia              In 311°Gruppo RSV markings 
AV-8B+            MM7217/1-11         1°Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati 
AV-8B+            MM7222/1-16         1°Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati 
F-16A             J-868               323 sqn             Demo c/s 
F-16A             J-139               323 sqn 
JA-37             37440/33            F21 
JA-37             37447/35            F21 

Demo teams flightline: 
Apha Jet E        E138/0/F-TERM       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E26/1F-TERO         GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E128/2/F-TERN       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E81/3/F-TERI        GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E104/4/F-TERB       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E120/5/F-TERG       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E158/6/F-TERF       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E153/7/F-TERH       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E151/8/F-TERJ       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
Apha Jet E        E165/9/F-TERE       GI00.213  Patrouille de France 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54475/1           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54551/2           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54517/3           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54439/4           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54536/5           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54486/6           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54483/7           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54473/8           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54485/9           313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54482/10          313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
MB-339A/PAN       MM54477/11          313°Gruppo AA  Frecce Tricolori 
C-101EB           E.25-07/79-07       Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E25-08/79-08        Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.25-23/79-23       Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.25-26/79-26       Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.25-27/79-27       Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.25-52/79-32/4     Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.25-86/79-34/7     Ala79   Team Aquila 
C-101EB           E.35-40/79-40       Ala79   Team Aquila 
F-5E              J-3082              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3084              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3085              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3086              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3088              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3090              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
F-5E              J-3091              Swiss AF  Patrouille Suisse 
Hawk T1A          XX227               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX237               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX252               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX253               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX260               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX264               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX266               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX292               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX294               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX307               RAF   Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A          XX308               RAF   Red Arrows 

AB-212AM          MM81155             SAR Linate 
DC-9-32           MM62012             306°Gruppo TS 
C-130H            MM61989/46-03       50°Gruppo TM 
C-130H            MM61994/46-08       50°Gruppo TM 
C-130H            MM61995/46-09       50°Gruppo TM      Also in mass flightpass 
C-130H            MM61997/46-11       50°Gruppo TM 
G-222TCM          MM62119/46-21       2°Gruppo TM       Also in mass flightpass 
G-222TCM          MM62123/46-28       2°Gruppo TM 
G-222TCM          MM62130/46-31       2°Gruppo TM       Also in mass flightpass 
G-222TCM          MM62104/46-91       98°Gruppo TM 
P-166DL-3/SEM2    MM25176/G.diF.06    1°Gruppo Osservazione 

Almost no MM-serials were actually read, those which were not read are underlined. They are however all confirmed
unless clearly noted in the right column! The ones which were read are actually read at Roma-Ciampino (like
G-222s, PD-808s and B-707) or after landing at the heli-platform (like NH-500 and HH-3F) or on the flightlines
(like the AMX-T and MB-339CD). 

Formation I: 
AMX               MM7155/32-05        13°Gruppo CBR 
AMX               MM7157/32-06        13°Gruppo CBR        Unconfirmed MM! 
AMX               MM7160/32-14        13°Gruppo CBR 
MB-339A           MM55054/61-15       212°Gruppo SVBIA 
MB-339A           MM54487/61-31       212°Gruppo SVBIA 
MB-339A           MM54496/61-42       212°Gruppo SVBIA 
Tornado ADV       MM55057/36-03       12°Gruppo CIO 
Tornado ADV       MM7225/36-04        12°Gruppo CIO 
Tornado ADV       MM7227/36-22        12°Gruppo CIO 
Tornado IDS       MM7087/36-35        156°Gruppo CBOC 
Tornado IDS       MM7013/36-40        156°Gruppo CBOC 
Tornado IDT       MM55011/36-55       156°Gruppo CBOC 

Formation II: 
AMX-T             MM55041/32-55       101°Gruppo SVBAA     Landed afterwards 
B-707T/T          MM62150/14-03       8°Gruppo RM 
MB-339CD          MM55068/61-134      212°Gruppo SVBIA 
Tornado ADV       MM55061/53-12       21°Gruppo CIO 

Formation III: 
F-104S-ASA        MM6774/4-1          9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6941/4-4          9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6705/4-5          9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6704/4-7          9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6805/4-10         9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6942/4-16         9°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6873/9-31         10°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6875/9-33         10°Gruppo CIO 
F-104S-ASA        MM6934/9-51         10°Gruppo CIO 

Formation IV: 
P-180AM           MM62163             303°Gruppo VA 
PD-808GE1         MM61962             71°Gruppo GE 
PD-808RM          MM62014             8°Gruppo RM 

Formation V: 
Br-1150           MM40122/30-07       86°Gruppo AS 
C-130H            MM61995/46-09       50°Gruppo TM       Landed afterwards 
G-222TCM          MM62119/46-21       2°Gruppo TM        Landed afterwards 
G-222TCM          MM62130/46-31       2°Gruppo TM        Landed afterwards 

Formation VI: 
SF-260AM          MM54423/70-06       207°Gruppo SVBAE 
SF-260AM          MM54425/70-10       207°Gruppo SVBAE 
SF-260AM          MM54433/70-20       207°Gruppo SVBAE 
SF-260AM          MM54530/70-40       207°Gruppo SVBAE 

Formation VII: 
AB-212AM          MM81147             81ªCAE             From 15°Stormo platform 
HH-3F             MM80983/15-12       85°Gruppo SAR      From 15°Stormo platform 
NH-500E           MM81283/72-20       208°Gruppo SVE 

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