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Pratica di Mare 2004

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Date: 29/30 May 2004

Made by:


29+10			MiG-29G		JG73
37+32			F-4F		FLz F-4F
50+34			C-160D		LTG63
704			Mi-17		87HHE
716			Mi-24V		87HHE
LX-N90450		E-3A		NAEW&CF
YD-04			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3
69-7457, 69-7526	RF-4E		173Filo
ZG502/73, ZG530/84	Harrier GR7	3sq
MM81013/E.I.854		A109AT/EC-1A	1ºgr.sqd.c.A.      
MM81468/GF-145	        A109A-II	Centro di Aviazione
MM81408/E.I.938	        A129A		49ºgr.sqd.c.A.	30th       
MM80294/CC-1	        AB47J.3ASW	preserved          
MM80482/CC-13	        AB47G.3B-1	preserved          
MM81150		        AB212AM		81ºCentro AE               
PS-102		        AB212	        1ºRV	30th        
MM81380/CC-19	        AB412	        Raggruppam.	30th
MM81512/9-10	        AB412CP	        1ªSez.di Volo Elic. 
MM7168/51-30	        AMX	        132ºGr              
MM55034/RS-18	        AMX-T	        311ºGr RSV          
MM7221/1-15	        AV-8B+	        1ºGRUPAER           
MM62150/14-03	        B707T/T	        8ºGr                
MM40109/41-71	        Br1150	        88ºGr               
MM55093/4-1	        EF2000B	        9ºGr                
MM81486/2-07	        EH101-11        0ASW	1ºGrupelicot
MM7266		        F-16B	        18ºGr               
MM6501/3-11	        F-104G	        preserved           
MM62140/14-21	        G222RM	        8ºGr                
MM81339/15-27	        HH-3F	        83ºCentro SAR       
MM54483/61-102	        MB339A	        213ºGr              
MM55058/61-41	        MB339A	        213ºGr              
MM81294/72-31	        NH500E	        208ºGr              
MM25157		        P166DL3/APH	71ºGr              
MM25166/8-08	        P166DL3/SEM1	1ºNucleao Aereo    
MM25182/GF-12	        P166DL3/SEM2	1ºGr Osservazione  
MM62203		        P180AM		71ºGr                      
PS-A97		        P680BS		2ºRV                       
MM55018/70-51	        SF260AM		207ºGr                     
MM604X/RS-S-1	        T-6H-4M		311ºGr RSV                 
MM7031/6-21	        Tornado IDS	154ºGr             
MM7054/50-40	        Tornado ECR	155ºGr             
MM7232/36-10	        Tornado ADV	12ºGr
EI-DFG			EMB170-100ST	Alitalia

F-104 Static:
MM6776/9-46		F-104S-ASA-M	10ºGr                     
MM6890/4-50	        F-104S-ASA-M	20ºGr                     
MM6943/4-1	        F-104S-ASA-M	preserved	silver c/s
During the day, the following additional Starfighters of 
the flightline were also parked in this area:
MM6873/4-9, MM6930/9-99, MM54253/4-20 and MM54260/4-41.

MM62107			G222VS		71ºGr
MM62125/14-24		G222TCM		8ºGr
MM62153X/RS-46		G222TCM		311ºGr RSV
(MM25158)		P166DL3/APH	nn

MM25153, MM25155	P166DL3/APH	nn

MM81350/15-38		HH-3F		85ºCentro SAR
MM81353			NH500MD		615ªSC

Flightline South:
MM7125/RS-11		AMX		311ºGr RSV              
CSX7158/RS-12	        AMX	        311ºGr RSV      
CSX62127	        C-27J	        311ºGr RSV      
MMX603		        EF2000	        311ºGr RSV      
MMX614		        EF2000B	        311ºGr RSV      
MM7247		        F-16A	        18ºGr           
MM7249		        F-16A	        18ºGr           
MM6762/RS-06	        F-104S-ASA-M	311ºGr RSV      
MM6873/4-9	        F-104S-ASA-M	9ºGr	spec mks
MM6876/9-39	        F-104S-ASA-M	10ºGr           
MM6912/9-42	        F-104S-ASA-M	10ºGr           
MM6923/4-2	        F-104S-ASA-M	9ºGr            
MM6930/9-99	        F-104S-ASA-M	10ºGr	spec mks
MM6932/4-20	        F-104S-ASA-M	9ºGr            
MM6934/9-31	        F-104S-ASA-M	311ºGr RSV      
MM6935/9-32	        F-104S-ASA-M	10ºGr           
MM54251/4-34	        TF-104GM	20ºGr           
MM54253/4-20	        TF-104GM	20ºGr	spec mks
MM54258/4-40	        TF-104GM	20ºGr           
MM54260/4-41	        TF-104GM	20ºGr           
MM80984/15-13	        HH-3F		15ºSt                   
MM81351/15-39	        HH-3F	        15ºSt           
MM55063/RS-27	        MB339CD	        311ºGr RSV      
MM55078/RS-29	        MB339CD	        311ºGr RSV      
MM62162		        P180AM	        71ºGr           
MM62202		        P180AM	        71ºGr           
CMX7040/RS-01	        Tornado IDS	311ºGr RSV      
MM7057/36-54	        Tornado IDS	311ºGr RSV      
Starfighters MM6873/4-9, MM6930/9-99, MM65253/4-20 and MM65260/4-41 
were moved during the day to the special F-104 static area.

The MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori were also parked on this flightline :
MM54.../0	MM54485/1	MM54480/2	MM54545/3
MM54543/4	MM54486/5	MM54536/6	MM54542/7
MM54473/8	MM54477/9	MM54475/10

Flightline North:
FA114, FA118		F-16AM		10w
21/5-OZ, 30/5-OF	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
J-016			F-16AM		323sq	spec mks
J-643			F-16AM		322sq
GF-16			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3
J-3081, J-3082, J-3085	F-5E		Patrouille Suise 
J-3086, J-3087, J-3088	F-5E	        Patrouille Suise 
J-3091			F-5E	        Patrouille Suise 
J-5009, J-5011		F/A-18C	        FlSt11           
MM7215/1-09		AV-8B+	        1ºGRUPAER        
MM7217/1-11		AV-8B+	        1ºGRUPAER        
MM7218/1-12		AV-8B+	        1ºGRUPAER        
MM7220/1-14		AV-8B+	        1ºGRUPAER        
(I-)DVFM/VF-181		P180	        Vigili del Fuoco 
1x			P166DL3	        nn	in primer
The P166 is suspected to be a Guardia di Finanza aircraft that
is currently being upgraded.

Helicopter flightline:
MM81144, MM81147	AB212AM		81ºCentro AE
MM81489/2-10 +1		EH101-110ASW	1ºGrupelicot
MM80974/15-01	        HH-3F		15ºSt               
MM80977/15-04	        HH-3F	        15ºSt       
MM80981/15-10	        HH-3F	        15ºSt       
MM80983/15-12	        HH-3F	        15ºSt       
MM80985/15-14	        HH-3F	        15ºSt       
MM81426/EI-956		A129CBT	        1ºgr.sqd.c.A
The choppers were flying around all day and the above serials were
seen at different moments of the day. Also an additional HH-3F was
noted with code 15-09 or 15-19.

Flying only:
MM55095/4-23		EF2000B		20ºGr
MM7238			F-16A		18ºGr
MM6881/4-59		F-104S-ASA-M	20ºGr
MM7230/36-11		Tornado ADV	12ºGr
The F-16 and Starfighter landed after the formation flight and were
parked on the "Flightline South".

Compound behind reunion display:
CMX611/RS-06		F-104S-ASA-M	dump
MM54233/RS-09		TF-104G		dump
MM577/RS-48		PD808		dump

2x			PD808		grey c/s
MM62142/14-23		G222RM		grey c/s
1x			MB326K		camo c/s 
4x	                PD808            
1x	                T-33             
2x	                C-47		white c/s
6x	                PD808            
1x	                C-47             
MM...../RS-02		F-104		camo c/s

U-05			Fokker 50	334sq	visit
PS-83			AB206B		1ºRV	flying
MM62209			A319CJ		306ºGr
MM62176/46-41		C-130J		2ºGr                 
MM62179/46-44	        C-130J		2ºGr	29th         
MM62187/46-53	        C-130J-30	50ºGr        
MM62190/46-56	        C-130J-30	50ºGr        
MM62193/46-59	        C-130J-30	50ºGr        
MM62101/RS-45	        G222TCM		311ºGr RSV           
MM80972		        SH-3D/TS	93ºGr	visit
1x		        MB339		311ºGr RSV           
MM81352		        NH500MD		615ªSC               
I-DPCM		        A109		Protezione Civile    
I-RHOO			A109E		nn
I-VRGT/5-01	        A109E		5ºGrupelicot         

Preserved aircraft:
MM80476/32		AB47G.2		preserved pole   
MM6527/RS-03	        F-104G	        preserved pole
MM6248/7	        G91PAN	        preserved pole
MM6288/RS-01	        G91T	        preserved pole
MM80804		        OH-13H	        preserved     
MM54201		        MB326	        preserved pole
MM54285		        MB326	        preserved     
MM61958		        PD808GE1	preserved

Polizia area ramp:
PS-106			AB212		5ºRV

Polizia fixed wing hangar:
PS-85?			AB206B		wreck
MM57191/PS-A91		P64B-200	stored
MM57192/PS-A92		P64B-200	stored
PS-B07			P68		1ºRV
No numbers could be found on the wreck of the AB206, but the code
PS-85 was written on several boxes with parts around the wreckage.

Polizia heli hangar:
A109A:		PS-44, PS-63 and PS-64
AB206B:		PS-65
AB212:		PS-42 and PS-100

Carabinieri area ramp:
A109A:		CC-102
AB206B:		CC-77

Carabinieri main hangar:
A109A:		CC-86, CC-89, CC-90, CC-95 and CC-98
AB206:		CC-43, CC-59, CC-67 and CC-82
AB412:		CC-14, CC-32, CC-33 and CC-34
The CC-90 was also flying.

Carabinieri maintenance hangar:
A109A:		CC-94, CC-100, CC-105 and CC-107
AB206:		CC-45, CC-49, CC-64, CC-73 and CC-83
AB412HP:	CC-26

Guardia di Finanza area ramp:
MM81156/9-14		AB212AM	609ªSC	also flying
MM81212/9-18		AB212AM	609ªSC	also flying

Guardia di Finanza small hangar:
A109:		GF-130
NH500MC:	GF-99 and GF-102

Guardia di Finanza heli hangar:
AB47G.2:	GF-16
A109A:		GF-138 and GF-144
NH500M:		GF-59, GF-67, GF-68, GF-83, GF-84
		GF-110, GF-111 and GF-112
AB412HP:	GF-201, GF-217, GF-219 and GF-220

Guardia di Finanza fixed wing hangar:
P166DL3:	GF-03, GF-04, GF-05, GF-07, GF-08 and GF-11
The GF-04 and GF-08 were parked outside.

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