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Pratica di Mare 2007

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Date: 27/28 May 2007

Made by: Scramble


# = areas not open to the general public

Static North:
MM100055/CVV-10 	Grob G103A 		423ªSC
MM100059/VV-3 		Nimbus 4DM 		423ªSC
MM25153 		P166DL3-APH 		71°Gr GE
MM25159/8-01 		P166DL3-SEM		12°Nucleo Aereo
MM25172/GF-02 		P166DP-1 		1°Gr Osservazione
MM62161 		P180AM 			71°Gr GE
MM62213/9-03 		P180AM 			Sezione Aerea MMI
MM62247/PS-B15 		P180 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
MM62248/GF-18 		P180 			Centro di Aviazione
MM61935/VV-26/9 	S208M 			423ªSC
MM55124/70-33 		SF260EA 		207°Gr SVBAE
PS-B03 			P68OBS 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
I-MUSE 			P64 			private Sun only
I-SKYC 			Skycar 			private
I-SORV 			P68OBS 			private

3rd hangar 71°Gr GE (green shed, closed):
MM62200 		P180AM 			71°Gr GE
MM62246/CC-112 		P180 			Raggrupp.Aeromob.

14°St/8°Gr RM area:
MM62016 		PD808RM 		preserved

Static South:
C-168 			CL-604 			Esk 721
ET-199 			F-16BM 			Esk 730
E154/8-NR 		Alpha Jet E 		ETO02.008
3/5-NN 			Mirage 2000C 		EC01.005
37+77 			F-4F 			JG71
43+72 			Tornado IDS 		JBG33
202 			Mirage2000BG 		332 Mira
719 			Mi-24V 			MH 86.HE
LX-N90456 		E-3A 			NAEW&CF
018 			C295M 			13.eltr
H3-73 			AS532AL 		15 HEB
67-0395, 68-0342 	F-4E 			172 Filo
ZA410/016, ZD790/099 	Tornado GR4 		15(R)sq
ZE887/FX, ZE982/FR 	Tornado F3 		25sq
81-0954/SP 		A-10A 			81st FS "81FS"
81-0988/SP 		OA-10A 			81st FS
MM81334/GF-133 		A109A-IIGdF 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81497/CC-98 		A109E 			Raggrupp.Aeromob.
MM81645/PS-63 		A109A-II 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
MM81322/E.I.909 	A129C 			49°Gr Sqd AVES
MM80294/CC-1 		AB47J-3ASW 		Preserved
MM81163 		AB212ICO 		21°Gr
MM81452/GF-207 		AB412HP 		Centro di Aviazione
MM7132/51-01 		AMX 			103°Gr CBR
MM7147/32-01 		AMX 			GEA 32°St
MM55036/32-52 		AMX-T 			101°Gr OCU
MM62166/GF-14 		ATR42-400MP 		2°Gr EM Sun only
MM7220/I-14 		AV-8B+ 			Gr Aerei Imbarcati
MM62149/14-02 		B707T/T 		8°Gr RM
MM40117/41-02 		Br1150 			88°Gr AS
MM62215 		C-27J 			98°Gr TM
MM62185/46-50 		C-130J 			50°Gr TM
MM81634/2-19 		EH101-410UTY 		Grupelicot 1
MM7236 			F-16A ADF 		23°Gr CIO
MM7261 			F-16A ADF 		X Gr CIO
MM62245 		Falcon 			900EX 93°Gr TS
MM53286/Z1-7 		Fiat G-46-4A 		pres
MM62124/46-88 		G222TCM 		98°Gr TM
MM81343/15-31 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR
MM81229/E.I.828 	CH-47C 			11°Gr Sqd AVES
CSX81520 		NH90 			1°Gr Sqd AVES
MM81004/GF-80 		NH500MC 		SA di Pratica di Mare
MM81277/72-14 		NH500E 			208°Gr SVE
MM81287/72-24 		NH500E 			208°Gr SVE
MM54549/61-107 		MB339A 			213°Gr SVBIA
MM55062/36-14 		MB339CD 		XII Gr CIO
MM55070/36-12 		MB339CD 		XII Gr CIO
MM55077/61-145 		MB339CD 		212°Gr SVBIA
MM604/RS-S1 		T-6H4M 			311°Gr RSV
MM7005 			Tornado IDS 		156°Gr CBOC spec
MM7039/6-02 		Tornado IDS 		154°Gr CBOC
MM7053/50-07 		Tornado ECR 		155°Gr ETS
AV-0005-H/32-05 	RQ-1B 			28°Gr VT
I-BLUB 			Ce650 			private
I-DPCK 			AW139 			CAI Sunday only
I-TEST 			AS350 			private

1st hangar 8°Gr RM (static area):
MM62107 		G222VS 			71°Gr GE
MM25154, MM25155 	P166DL3-APH 		71°Gr GE
MM25157 		P166DL3-APH 		71°Gr GE
MM62199 		P180AM 			71°Gr GE

15°St Apron (#):
MM81144 		AB212AM 		81°Centro CAE
MM81164/51-70 		AB212AM 		651ªSC     
MM80976/15-03           HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR
MM80991/15-22           HH-3F                   85°Centro SAR
MM81340/15-28           HH-3F                   85°Centro SAR
MM81342/15-30           HH-3F                   85°Centro SAR
MM81345/15-33           HH-3F                   85°Centro SAR
MM81349/15-37 	        HH-3F                   85°Centro SAR

Southern runway end (#):
MM62151/14-04 		B707T/T 		8°Gr RM

15°St hangar (#):
MM81157 		AB212AM 		nm
MM81216 		AB212ICO 		21°Gr mks
MM81269/72-06 		NH500E
MM81353 		NH500MD 		615ªSC Sun flying

15°St area (#):
MM80157/15-35 		AB47J 			preserved

15St shed 1 (open) (#):
MM81349/15-37 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR

15St shed 2 (closed) (#):
MM80974/15-01 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR
MM80975/15-02 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR

Flightline in front of runway:
E-188 			F-16AM 			Esk 727
E101/314-TT 		Alpha Jet E 		EAC00.314
E137/314-LJ 		Alpha Jet E 		EAC00.314
J-055 			F-16AM 			306sq spec mks
J-514 			F-16AM 			313sq
MM7146/51-22 		AMX 			103°Gr CBR
MM7158/RS-12 		AMX 			311°Gr RSV
MM7213/I-07 		AV-8B+ 			Gr Aerei Imbarcati
MM7221/I-15 		AV-8B+ 			Gr Aerei Imbarcati
MM7224/I-19 		AV-8B+ 			Gr Aerei Imbarcati
MM62217 		C-27J 			311°Gr RSV
MM7235/4-6, MM7272/4-2 	EF2000 			IX Gr CIO
MM62125/14-24 		G222 			stored
MM62140/14-21 		G222 			stored
MM62141/14-22 		G222 			stored
CMX615 			M346 			Aermacchi
MM55068/RS-29 		MB339CD 		311°Gr RSV
MM55073/36-11 		MB339CD 		XII Gr CIO
CSX62201 		P180AM 			311°Gr RSV
MM7014/RS-01 		Tornado IDS 		311°Gr RSV
MM7063/6-26 		Tornado IDS 		154°Gr CBOC
HA-HUI, HA-HUJ 		Yak-52 			private
LY-GFC 			Yak-52 			private

C101EB Aviojets of the Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-28/79-28/1    E.25-86/79-86/2    E.25-07/79-07/3
E.25-26/79-26/4    E.25-01/79-01/5    E.25-21/79-21/6
E.25-22/79-22/7    E.25-25/79-25/8

The Breitling Team with the following L-39s:

The Frecce Tricolori with eleven MB339As:
MM54551/0    MM54480/1    MM54534/2
MM54539/3    MM54487/4    MM54473/5
MM54479/6    MM54500/7    MM54543/8
MM54546/9    MM54482/10

The Swiss Team PC-7 which consisted of:
A-902   A-903   A-909   A-912   A-914   A-915
A-916   A-917   A-919   A-939 +1

Flightline near RSV (#):
712 			Mi-24V 			MH 86.HE
MM81332/E.I.919 	A129C 			49°Gr Sqd AVES
MM81400/E.I.930 	A129C 			49°Gr Sqd AVES
MM81493/2-14 		EH101-410UTY 		GRUPELICOT 1
MM81458/E.I.837 	CH-47C 			11°Gr Sqd AVES

RSV apron (#):
MM62101/RS-45 		G222TCM 		wfu
CSX54544/RS-30 		MB339CD 		311°Gr RSV
MM62164 		P180AM 			311°Gr RSV

RSV hangar (#):
CSX54453/RS-31 		MB339A 			311°Gr RSV
MM55068/RS-28 		MB339CD 		311°Gr RSV Sat fly
CSX7041/RS-06 		Tornado IDS 		311°Gr RSV

RSV helicopter hangar (closed) (#):
MM81155 		AB212AM 		311°Gr RSV
MM81292/72-29 		NH500E 			TDY 311°Gr RSV/CSV

RSV recovering area (#):
CMX611/RS-06 		F-104S-ASAM 		wfu
MM54260/RS-08 		TF-104G-M 		wfu
MM81305/72-42 		NH500E 			wfu

RSV stored area (#):
MM7125/RS-11 		AMX 			stored
MM62152/RS-45 		G222TCM 		wfu
MM62153/RS-46 		G222TCM 		wfu

RSV area (#):
MM6827 			F-104S-ASA 		preserved spec c/s
MM80804 		OH-13H 			preserved

1st Policia di Stato hangar (#):
PS-61 			A109A-II 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
MM81646/PS-64 		A109A-II 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
PS-43 			AB212 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
PS-84 			AB206B-III 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
PS-A94 			P68OBS 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
The PS-61 also flew on Sunday, while the PS-43 was parked
outside on Saturday.

2nd Policia di Stato hangar (#):
PS-60, PS-100 		AB212 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
PS-83, PS-91 		AB206B-III 		1°RV Pratica di Mare
PS-B07 			P68OBS 			1°RV Pratica di Mare
I-STAD (PS-B12) 	P68OBS 			1°RV Pratica di Mare

6° Reparto Manutenzione Elicotteri area (#):
MM80476/32 		AB47G.2 		preserved

1st Carabinieri hangar (#):
MM81516/CC-86 		A109E 			Raggr.Aeromobili
MM81023/CC-59 		AB206B-1 		Raggr.Aeromobili
MM81033/CC-69 		AB206B-1 		Raggr.Aeromobili
The A109 also flew on Saturday.

Guardia di Finanza area (#):
MM80166/GF-16 		AB47G.2 		preserved
MM80855/GF-56           NH500M 			stored    
MM80961/GF-59 		NH500MC 		preserved
1st hangar GdiF (#):
MM81389/GF-140 		A109A-IGdF 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81003/GF-79 		NH500MC 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81051/GF-93 		NH500MC 		Centro di Aviazione

2nd hangar GdiF (#):
MM81171/GF-123 		A109A-IIGdF 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81191/GF-125          A109A-IIGdF             Centro di Aviazione
MM81369/GF-136          A109A-IIGdF             Centro di Aviazione
MM81469/GF-143          A109C 			Centro di Aviazione      
MM81443/GF-201          AB412HP 		Centro di Aviazione    
MM81445/GF-203          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81466/GF-214          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81510/GF-222          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM80969/GF-67 		NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81052/GF-94 		NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81060/GF-102 		NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81063/GF-105          NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81067/GF-109          NH500MD                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81135/GF-115          NH500MD                 Centro di Aviazione

3rd hangar GdiF (#):
MM81204/GF-127 		A109A-IIGdF 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81449/GF-142          A109A-IIGdF 		Centro di Aviazione
MM81451/GF-206          AB412HP 		Centro di Aviazione    
MM81453/GF-208          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81455/GF-210          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81465/GF-213          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81505/GF-217          AB412HP                 Centro di Aviazione
MM80994/GF-70 		NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81000/GF-76           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81001/GF-77           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81002/GF-78           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81006/GF-82           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81009/GF-85           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81015/GF-86           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81048/GF-90           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81053/GF-95           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81057/GF-99           NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81069/GF-111 		NH500MC                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81134/GF-114 		NH500MD                 Centro di Aviazione
MM81140/GF-120 		NH500MD                 Centro di Aviazione

4th hangar GdiF (#):
MM81050/GF-92 		NH500MC 		Centro di Aviazione     
MM25173/GF-03           P166DL3-SEM2 		Centro di Aviazione
MM25174/GF-04           P166DL3-SEM2 		Centro di Aviazione
MM25182/GF-12           P166DL3-SEM2 		Centro di Aviazione

5th hangar GdiF (near the public road) (#):
MM62249/GF-19 		P180 			Centro di Aviazione

In front of 5th hangar (#):
MM25156, MM25158 	P166DL3-APH 		71°Gr GE
MM62159 		P180AM 			71°Gr GE

P180 flightline (#):
MM62160, MM62163 	P180AM 			71°Gr GE
MM62203, MM62205 	P180AM 			71°Gr GE

Hangar near P180 line (#):
MM81338/15-26 		HH-3F 			wreck

Hangar 2 near P180 line (#):
I-SUDP 			MS894A

6 RME hangar (#):
MM80984/15-13 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR
MM81350/15-38 		HH-3F 			85°Centro SAR

MM81219/CC-107 		A109A-II 		Raggrupp.Aer. Sun
PS-44 			A109A 			1°RV PdiM Sat
PS-93                   AB212 			1°RV PdiM Sun
PS-102 			AB212 			1°RV PdiM Sat
MM7156/32-10 		AMX 			13°Gr CBR
MM7193/32-30 		AMX 			13°Gr CBR Sat
MM62187/46-53 		C-130J-30 		2°Gr TM Sun
MM62189/46-55 		C-130J-30 		50°Gr TM Sun
MM62191/46-57 		C-130J-30 		50°Gr TM Sun
MM7274/4-10 		EF2000 			IX Gr CIO Sun
MM7277/4-1 		EF2000 			IX Gr CIO Sat
MM7278/4-12 		EF2000 			IX Gr CIO Sat
MM7282/4-15 		EF2000 			IX Gr CIO Sun
MM80973 		SH-3D/TS 		93°Gr TS Sun
MM81264/72-01 		NH500E 			311°Gr RSV Sun
MM55080/61-150 		MB339CD 		212°Gr Sat
MM55082/61-152 		MB339CD 		212°Gr
MM55091/61-163 		MB339CD			212°Gr Sun
MM..../6-14 		Tornado IDS 		154°Gr CBOC    
MM..../6-32 		Tornado IDS             102°Gr UCO Sat 
MM..../6-37 		Tornado IDS             102°Gr UCO     
MM7065/36-43 		Tornado IDS             156°Gr CBOC Sun
MM7083/36-36 		Tornado IDS             156°Gr CBOC    
MM7056/36-50 		Tornado IDS             156°Gr CBOC Sun
MM7034/50-50 		Tornado ECR 		155°Gr ETS Sat 
I-DISD 			B777 			Alitalia
I-DCPI/26 		CL-415 			DPC - SOREM
The Tornado attacks consisted of a total of six aircraft each
day. Only codes were read.

HQ area (#):
MM6527/RS-03 		F-104G 			preserved
MM579/RS-11 		G91Y 			preserved
MM6248/7 		G91PAN 			preserved gate
MM6288/RS-01 		G91T 			preserved
MM54201 		MB326 			preserved

Control tower (#):
MM54385 		MB326 			preserved

Dump area sea shore:
MM81173/CC-98 		A109A-II 		dump
MM61825/14-50           C-47ECM 		dump 
MM61893/14-46           C-47-DL 		dump 
MM6660/RS-02 		F-104S 			dump
MM81351/15-39 		HH-3F 			dump
MM577/RS-48 		PD808-825 		dump
MM578/RS-49 		PD808-825 		dump
MM61951 		PD808VIP 		dump
MM61952                 PD808GE2 		dump
MM61957                 PD808TP 		dump 
MM61960                 PD808GE1 		dump
MM62105 		PD808SE 		dump 
MM51-4514/14-22 	T-33A 			dump

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