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Sarzani-Luni 1997

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Date: 10 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


MM80960/7-29          AB212ASW     5øGrupelicot
MM81115/6-30          SH-3H        1øGrupelicot

Hangar 1øGrupelicot (open):
MM5012N/6-10,MM5016N/6-14 SH-3D    1øGrupelicot
MM5019N/6-18,MM5024N/6-23 SH-3D    1øGrupelicot
MM81111/6-26,MM81113/6-28 SH-3H    1øGrupelicot
MM81185/6-34              SH-3H    1øGrupelicot

Hangar 5øGrupelicot (open):
MM80933/7-01,MM80945/7-13 AB212ASW 5øGrupelicot
MM80949/7-18,MM81078/7-33 AB212ASW 5øGrupelicot
MM81082/7-37,MM81083/7-38 AB212ASW 5øGrupelicot

Hangar (closed):
MM5020N/6-19          SH-3D        stored

Far side:
MM25169/8-11          P166DL3      1øNucleo Aereo

MM80360/2-07          AB47J-3      gateguard
MM153622/4-14         SH-34J       gateguard
MM80371/3-10          AB204ASW     gateguard
MM80087/0-1           AB-47G    on base as "MM83087"

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