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Trapani 1995

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Date: 24 September 1995

Made by: Scramble


J-196                F-16A                nn 
LX-N90458            E-3A                 NAEWF 
ZE908/FC             Tornado F3           25 Sqn 
ZG860                Harrier GR7          1 Sqn 
4516                 Tornado              MFG2 
MM7125/3-15          AMX                  132 Gr 
MM55030/32-41        AMX-T                201 Gr 
MM40114/41-76        Br1150               88 Gr 
MM61992/46-06        C-130H               50 Gr 
MM6756/37-10         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM54554/4-48         TF-104G              20 Gr 
MM62132/46-32        G222TCM              2 Gr 
MM54396/32-06        G91T                 201 Gr 
MM81351/15-39        HH-3F                15 St 
MM54518/61-70        MB339A               61 BA 
MM81267/72-04        NH500E               208 Gr 
MM61932/36-66        P166M                636 SC 
MM62159              P180                 636 SC 
MM61978/37-30        S208M                637 SC 
MM7059/36-50         Tornado F3           12 Gr 
MM55056/36-01        Tornado F3           12 Gr 

MM81339/15-27        HH-3F                15 St 
MM80975/15-02        HH-3F                15 St 
MM6916/37-03         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6750/37-04         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6847/37-11         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6910/37-12         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6782/37-15         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6794/37-20         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6741/37-21         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6918/37-22         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6844/37-23         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6747/37-24         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6759/37-26         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 
MM6784/37-27         F-104S-ASA           18 Gr 

J-193                F-16A                nn 
ZG532/03             Harrier GR7          1 Sqn 
MM7096/32-03         AMX                  13 Gr 
MM62130/RS-51        G222TCM              311 Gr 
MM54438/61-93        MB339A               61 BA 
MM54511              MB339A               311 Gr 
MM81281/72-18        NH500E               208 Gr 
MM61977              S208M                nn 
(MM7084)/36-42       Tornado IDS          156 Gr 

MM6540/4-51          F-104G               stored 
MM6532/4-51          F-104G               stored 
MM6649/4-49          F-104G               stored 
MM..../37-00         F-104G               stored 
(MM54244)/37-32      MB326                stored 
(MM54245)/37-31      MB326                stored 

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