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Udine-Rivolto 2000

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Date: 9/10 September 2000

Made by: Scramble, Daniele Faccioli


4547			Tornado IDS	MFG2
J-261			F-16B		306sq
J-628			F-16A		306sq
14			J35Ö		FlRgt 2/2
87-0351/AV		F-16C		555th FS "31OSS"
84001/841		Tp84		F7
MM6887/5-33		F-104S-ASAM	23°Gr
MM7061/6-01		Tornado IDS	154°Gr
MM7101			AMX		103°Gr, spec c/s
MM7170/2-23		AMX		14°Gr
MM7209/36-25		Tornado ADV	21°Gr
MM7234/36-24		Tornado ADV	21°Gr
MM55018/70-51		SF260AM		207°Gr
MM55070/61-136		MB339CD		61°St
MM80978/15-05		HH-3F		83°Centro
MM81306/72-43		NH500E		208°Gr

Preserved aircraft on static/public side:
J-1170 '4-74'		Vampire		ex Swiss AF code changed (was 4-41)		
MM55-3080/51-85		T-33A		pres	
MM535795/36-68		RT-33A		pres
27474			RF-84F		pres
MM54-1292/51-36		F-86K		pres
MM19860			F86EM		pres
MM52-6020/46-84		C-119		pres
MM53822/AA-32/SC-55	Harvard T6	pres

Flightline (313°Gr area):
R215/64-GO		C-160R		ET00.064
T.19B-03/35-21		CN235		Ala 35
J-5015,J-5018		F/A-18C		nn
MM61999/46-13		C-130H		50°Gr
MM62126/46-26		G222TCM		2°Gr
MM62136/46-36		G222TCM		2°Gr

The Patrouille Suisse with F-5Es:
J-3081	J-3083	J-3084	J-3085
J-3086	J-3087	J-3091

The MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54547/0	MM54575/1	MM54551/2	MM54546/3
MM54542/4	MM54500/5	MM54550/6	MM54543/7
MM54475/8	MM54485/9	MM54486/10	MM54479/12
MM54482/13	MM54542/-	MM...../3	MM...../11

Flightline (14°Gr area):
FA71,FA93		F-16AM		10w, nb 	
4574			Tornado IDS	MFG2
9829			EF2000		DASA
4/5-OD			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
511/5-OR		Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
J-138,J-192		F-16AM		315sq,nn
08			J35Ö	FlRgt 2/1
CSX7158/RS-12		AMX		311°Gr/RSV	
MM7169/2-06		AMX		14°Gr
MM55045/2-10		AMX-T		14°Gr
MM55062/RS-26		MB339CD		311°Gr/RSV	
MM61971/-70		S208M		602 SC (no 2 in code)
MM62153/RS-46		G222TCM		311°Gr/RSV	
MM81145/-		AB212		nn +1	
MM6416/2-14		G91R		pres
MM6360/32-60		G91T		dump

Maintenance hangar 14°Gr:
MM7110/2-14		AMX		14°Gr (not stored!!!)

9 ship AMX-formation van het 14°Gr:
MM7129/2-03	MM7133/2-18	MM7167/2-01
MM7168/2-04	MM7171/2-15	MM7172/2-07
MM7176/2-20	MM7177/2-22	MM7178/2-24

Flightline (taxiway):
MM6241/3		G91R		preserved (Frecce Tricolore colors)
And also parked on this flightline were the following demoteams:

Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets E:
E138/0	E153/1	E128/2	E120/3	E26/4	E165/5
E169/6	E151/7	E41/8	E81/9	E121/-

Team Aquila with CASA 101s:
E25-26/79-26/1	E25-28/79-28/2	E25-25/79-25/3
E25-21/79-21/4	E25-06/79-06/5	E25-86/79-32/6

The Swedish Team 60 with the following Sk60s:
60033/33	60061/61	60062/62	60096/96
60098/98	60099/99	60125/125	60139/139

The Breitling Eagles with four Su-29s:
RA-44539/01	RA-44540/02	RA-01607/03	RA-02694/04

And finally the Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As:
XX156	XX227	XX233	XX237	XX253	XX260
XX264	XX292	XX306	XX307	XX308

Other side/Elsewhere:
MM40120/41-05		Br1150		88°Gr
MM61990/46-04		C-130H		50°Gr
MM62012			DC-9-32		306°Gr
MM62125/14-24		G222TCM		8°Gr
MM62163			P180AM		303°Gr
MM62164			P180AM		31°St
MM62171			Falcon 900	31°St
MM80985/15-14		HH-3F		15°St
MM80990/15-21		HH-3F		15°St
MM81344/15-32		HH-3F		15°St
MM811../-		AB212		nn
MM8...../51-71		AB212		651 SC
1x			G91T		on firedump

Visitors Saturday 9 September:
MM62012			DC-9-32		306°Gr
MM62162			P180AM		303°Gr
MM62163			P180AM		303°Gr

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