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Vergiate 1994

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Date: 4 September 1994

Made by:


OK-830/2-830          SF260D      123Filo
MM81351/15-39         HH-3F       15øSt
MM81407/EI-937        A129        AdE
1x                    AB412       Carabinieri
PS-A99                P.68        Polizia
HB-XWM/13             A109K2      REGA
no registration       A109K2      Agusta
I-PAPE                Ce550
I-DPCM (c/n 2173)     CH-47C      Dipartimento Protezione Civile
I-PJAP                P180        Piaggio
I-RAID                SF600R      Agusta
I-SFTP                SF260TP     Agusta    camo c/s

MM81185/6-34          SH-3D       1øGr
F-AZIJ                P-51D       "GA-N 474832"
F-GMEA, F-GMEB,       PC-7        ECCO-team
F-GMEC, F-GMEC        PC-7        ECCO-team
HB-RAJ/44             Harvard     US Navy c/s
HB-AKV                SF340B      Crossair
I-ERAP                A109C       Agusta
I-LYNC                Fokker Dr1  replica
I-GATO                DH82A       ex RAF DE193
I-PATS                S211A       Grumman/Agusta
I-AFRI                S101SB      Agusta

I-RAIC                EH-101      Agusta desert c/s
2x                    F15E        48FW
1x                    F16A        23sm

MM81154               AB212       SAR Linate
MM61940/53-36         S208M       653øSC
MM81059/GF-101        NH500MC     GdiF
MM81165/CC-97         A109        Carabinieri
PS-48, PS-62          A109A       Polizia
VF-10                 AB206B      Vigili del Fuoco

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