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Viterbo 2005

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Date: 25 September 2005

Made by: Scramble, Orazio Venise


MM80548/E.I.296		AB205A-1	1°gr.sqd. c.A.
MM81334/GdiF-133	A109A-IIGdF	Centro di Aviazione
MM81053/GdiF-95		NH500MC		Centro di Aviazione
MM81310/72-47		NH500E		208°Gr
MM80991/15-22		HH-3F		85°Centro SAR
MM80834/E.I.812		CH-47C		26°GrSq AvEs
MM62157/E.I.102		Do228-212	28°gr.sqd. c.A.
MM80893/E.I.625		AB206C-1	1°rgt.sos. c.A.
MM80548/E.I.296		AB205A-1	1°gr.sqd. c.A.
MM81502/E.I.419		AB212		1°gr.sqd. c.A.
MM80743/PS-43		AB212		1°RV 
1x			A109		nn
'15'			MB339		i/a, Frecce Tricolori c/s

6x			NH-500E		208°Gr
MM81350/15-38		HH-3F		85°Centro SAR
MM...../GF-2..		AB412HP		Centro di Aviazione
I-DPCY/20		CL-415		SOREM
MM80824/E.I.802		CH-47C		26°GrSq AvEs
MM81459/E.I.838 +1	CH-47C		26°GrSq AvEs
MM62156/E.I.101		Do228-212	28°gr.sqd. c.A.
MM7125/RS-11		AMX		311°Gr RSV
CMX7040/RS-01		Tornado IDS	311°Gr RSV
And the Frecce Tricolori.

Special Forces Display:
2x			A129		nn
3x			CH-47		nn
2x			AB412		nn
2x			AB205		nn

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