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Atsugi 1994

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Date: 23/24 April 1994

Made by:

Updated: 4 September 2001

48-1005               C-1           402 Hikotai
33-3217               Mu-2S         nn
54-3455               E-2C          601 Hikotai
.7-4485               CH-47J        Iruma tranp. sq
74-4825               KV-107II-5    nn
99-5160               T-2           21 Hikotai
71-5326               T-33A         HQsq
32-8059               F-15DJ        303 Hikotai
70-8205               F-1           8 Hikotai
37-8313               F-4EJ Kai     306 Hikotai
31179/IVATH           OH-6D         4ATH
73449/IVATH           AH-1S         4ATH
4781                  P-2J          51 Kokutai pres.
5093                  P-3C          3 Kokutai
8130                  HSS-2B        51 Kokutai
8216                  SH-60J        51 Kokutai
8629                  S.80M-1       111 Kokutai
8965                  UH-60J
9042                  YS-11         61 Kokutai
9080                  US-1A         71 Kokutai
9201                  U-36A         81 Kokutai
155707/NF-500         A-6E          VA-115
161270/NF-100         F-14A         VF-154
161616/NF-200         F-14A         VF-21
161883/NF-620         EA-6B         VAQ-136
163025/NF-600         E-2C          VAW-115
163705?/NF-300        F/A-18C       VFA-192
163758/NF-400         F/A-18C       VFA-195
164850/TA-00          SH-60B        HSL-51
160131/NF-700         S-3B          VS-21
159393/NL-724         ES-3A         VQ-5
163554/8H             UC-12F        Atsugi
158218/YD-45          P-3C          VP-4
78-0508/ZZ             F-15C         44th FS
78-0529/ZZ             F-15C         44th FS
86-0031/SJ            KC-10A        344th ARS
60-0320               KC-135R       909th ARS
84-0130               C-21A         459th ALS
71-0875               C-9A          324th AW
80-1098/BB            U-2R          99th RS
80-0239/OS,80-0243/OS OA-10A        25th FS
74-2133/YJ            C-130H        36st ALS
68-15938           +1 OV-1D         3rd MIB
83-24317              RC-12H        3rd MIB
85-24450           +1 UH-60A        78th AVN
147573                KC-130F       VMGR-152
160786/RM-04          EA-6B         VMAQ-4
163139/DC-06          F/A-18A       VMFA-122
163147/DC-03          F/A-18A       VMFA-122
163153/DC-04          F/A-18A       VMFA-122
163161/DC-07          F/A-18A       VMFA-122
163883/ET-52          AV-8B         HMM-262/C
164119/ET-53          AV-8B         HMM-262/C

Flight line North side:
161600/NF-202         F-14A         VF-21
160389/NF-211         F-14A         VF-21
160671/NF-205         F-14A         VF-21
161600/NF-207         F-14A         VF-21
161275/NF-102         F-14A         VF-154
161626/NF-103         F-14A         VF-154
152941/NF-511         A-6E          VA-115
152942/NF-505         A-6E          VA-115
155672/NF-513         A-6E          VA-115
155685/NF-503         A-6E          VA-115
157023/NF-515         A-6E          VA-115
158791/NF-504         A-6E          VA-115
162212/NF-516         A-6E          VA-115
163045/NF-621         EA-6B         VAQ-136

Flight line South side:
5085, 5095, 5096      P-3C          3 Kokutai
5075, 5079, 5080      P-3C          6 Kokutai
5092, 5094            P-3C          6 Kokutai

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