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Camp Kasumigaura 2001

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Date: 15 April 2001

Made by:


31131/SU, 31137/SU	OH-6D		Utsunomiya Bunko
31144/SK		OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
32606/S			OH-1		Akeno Honko
41618/V			UH-1H		5 Hikotai
41666/NEH		UH-1H		Tohoku Homen Herikoputatai
43106/SK		UH-60JA		Kasumigaura Bunko
52903/SK		CH-47J		Kasumigaura Bunko
73402/IVATH		AH-1S		Stored
8269			SH-60J		101Kokutai
JA9614			BK117A-4	Kawasaki Heavy Ind.

Hangar (open):
23050?			LR-2		Kasumigaura Bunko
31142/SU, 31151/SU	OH-6D		Utsunomiya Bunko
31125/V			OH-6D		5 Hikotai	
41852			UH-1J		nn
LR-2 23050 is probably an instructional airframe. Actually, the serial 
number 23050 should not exist, as the serial block of these aircraft 
starts with 23051! 

Preserved next to control tower:
31001/XIII		OH-6J		Preserved

1x			LR-2		nn
31180/SK, 31216/SK	OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
31215/SU		OH-6D		Utsunomiya Bunko
31.19, 31187		OH-6D		nn
32607/SK		OH-1		Kasumigaura Bunko
41821			UH-1J		nn
43110/SK		UH-60JA		Kasumigaura Bunko
52906/SK		CH-47J		Kasumigaura Bunko
52921/IIH		CH-47J		2 Herikoputatai
73474/SD		AH-1S		Kyoiku Sien Hikotai

Flying as underslung load:
51811/WH		KV107-IIA4	Stored

Hangar (closed):
31.44, 31.67		OH-6D		nn
31.72			OH-6D		nn
31157, 31203		OH-6D		nn
41588/EH		UH-1B		nn

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