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Hachinohe 2014

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JMSDF Hachinohe Air Show
Date: 21-9-2014
1-3-8509 F-2A 3 Hikotai, JASDF 60th  
62-8869 F-15J 201 Hikotai  
39-3042 U-125 Hiko Tenkentai  
41812/NEH UH-1J Tohoku Homen Herikoputatai  
31303/IX OH-6D 9 Hikotai  
5505 P-1 51 Kokutai  
5078 P-3C nn  
73445/IIATH AH-1S 2 Taisensha Herikoputatai  
8973 UH-60J 73 Kokutai  
5030 P-3C nn  
5066 P-3C nmk  
P-3C of 2 Kokutai:
5028, 5051, 5094, 5098, 5100 +1(508?)


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