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Kasumigaura 2009

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Date: 17 May 2009

Made by:


73456/SK	AH-1S		Kasumigaura Bunko
41846/SK	UH-1J		Kasumigaura Bunko
41697//EH	UH-1H				#
41698/NH	UH-1H				#
31186/NEH	OH-6D				#
31198/SU	OH-6D				#
52906/SK	CH-47J		Kasumigaura Bunko
43113/SK	UH-60JA		Kasumigaura Bunko
74505/S		AH-64D		Kasumigaura Bunko
The AH-64D was on list by Akeno Honko, but was used by the
Kasumigaura Bunko.
# these were displayed inside the hangar.

32607		OH-1		Kasumigaura Bunko
32615		OH-1		Kasumigaura Bunko
41818/SK	UH-1J		Kasumigaura Bunko
31201		OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
31202		OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
31228		OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
31244/SK	OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko
31266/SK	OH-6D		Kasumigaura Bunko

Tower side:
31140/SK	OH-6D		i/a
31152/SU	OH-6D		i/a
31170/SU	OH-6D		i/a

Storage hangar:
73402/IVATH	AH-1S		std
73405/IATH	AH-1S		std
73407/IIATH	AH-1S		std
73415/IIATH	AH-1S		std
73409/IIIATH	AH-1S		std
73410/IATH	AH-1S		std
73411/IATH	AH-1S		std
73416/IVATH	AH-1S		std
41695/NH	UH-1H		std
41698/NH	UH-1H		std
41697/EH	UH-1H		std
31130/XIIH	OH-6D		std
31158/SK	OH-6D		std
31194/SK	OH-6D		std
31163/MH	OH-6D		std
31172/MH	OH-6D		std
31164/SU	OH-6D		std
31198/SU	OH-6D		std
31167/SK	OH-6D		std
31169/S		OH-6D		std
31173/XI	OH-6D		std
31175/WH	OH-6D		std
31176/IVATH	OH-6D		std
31179/VATH	OH-6D		std
31186/NEH	OH-6D		std
31189/S		OH-6D		std
31190		OH-6D		std
31194/SK	OH-6D		std
00001/ST	AS332L		std
00002/ST	AS332L		std
00003/ST	AS332L		std
22010/IHB	LR-1		std
22017/IHB	LR-1		std
22014/W		LR-1		std

41685/WH	UH-1H		pres.
31187/SU	OH-6D		pres.
61326/SU	TH-55J		pres.
51815/WH	K-107IIA-4	pres.

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