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Kasuminome 1997

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Date: 20 April 1997

Made by:


UH-1B      	41569/NH/JG1569   	Hokubu Homen Hki    
OH-6J           31054/X/JG1054          Tobu Homen/12 Hki   
OH-6J           31068/SU                Utsunomiya Bunko    
H-19C           40029/NEH/JG029         Tohoku Homen Hki    
KV-107II4       51720/IH/JG1720         1 Heli Brigade/1 Hki

AH-1S    	73428/IIATH    		2 AntiTank Sqn/H Coy
UH-1J           41828/NEH               Tohoku Homen Hki    
OH-6D           31308/IIATH             2 AntiTank Sqn/H Coy
CH-47J          52927                   1 Heli Brigade/3 Hki
LR-1            22020/NE                Tohoku Homen Hki    

OH-6D    	31221/IIATH    		2 AntiTank Sqn/H Coy
AH-1Ss of 2 AntiTank Sqn/H Coy:
73418/IIATH, 73472/IIATH, 73419/IIATH
73477/IIATH, 73426/IIATH, 73486/IIATH

All are of Tohoku Homen Hki:
UH-1H:  41669/NEH, 41675/NEH, 41683/NEH, 41690/NEH
        41705/NEH, 41707/NEH, 41710/NEH, 41719/NEH

UH-1J:  41817/NEH, 41823/NEH, 41830/NEH, 41834/NEH
        41837/NEH, 41851/NEH

OH-6D:  31179/NEH, 31190/NEH, 31224/NEH, 31270/NEH

LR-1:   22008/NE

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