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Kisarazu 2003

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Date: 12 October 2003

Made by:


00001/ST*		AS332L		Tokubetsu Yuso Hik.       
73487/IVATH	        AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
32608/SK*	        OH-1	        KGKK               
41700/EH	        UH-1H	        Tobu Homen Herik.  
41868/EH*	        UH-1J	        Tobu Homen Herik.  
31188/VIII	        OH-6D	        8 Hikotai          
52929/IH*	        CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 1Hik.
52962/IH*	        CH-47JA	        1Her. 1Herik. 2Hik.
43115/SK*	        UH-60JA	        KGKK               
51736/IIH	        KV-107II-4A	preserved         
22018/IHB*	        LR-1		1 Herikoputadan Hon.      
23052/IHB*	        LR-2		1 Herikoputadan Hon.      
6902		        YS-11T-A	205 Kyoiku Kokutai
8297		        SH-60J		101 Kokutai               
* = also flying

00003/ST		AS332L		Tokubetsu Yuso Hik.
73416/IVATH	        AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73420/IVATH	        AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73427/IVATH +3	        AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
3x		        OH-6D	        nn                 
52904/IH, 52918/IH	CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 1Hik.
52921/IH		CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 1Hik.
52956/IH		CH-47JA	        1Her. 1Herik. 1Hik.
52902/IH, 52909/IH	CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 2Hik.
52927/IH, 52932/IH	CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 2Hik.
52910/IIH, 52934/IIH	CH-47J	        1Her. 2Herik. 1Hik.
52958/IIH, 52961/IIH	CH-47JA	        1Her. 2Herik. 1Hik.
52903/IIH, 52917/IIH	CH-47J	        1Her. 2Herik. 2Hik.
52928/IIH		CH-47J	        1Her. 2Herik. 2Hik.
52961/IIH	        CH-47JA	        1Her. 2Herik. 2Hik.
1x		        LR-1	        nn                 

31128/EH		OH-6D		stored             
52914/IH		CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 1Hik.
52919/IH		CH-47J	        1Her. 1Herik. 2Hik.
52913/IIH, 52930/IIH	CH-47J	        1Her. 2Herik. 1Hik.
52915/IIH		CH-47J	        1Her. 2Herik. 2Hik.

31126			OH-6D		stored
52933/IIH		CH-47J		1Her. 2Herik. 2Hik.

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