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Kisarazu 2008

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Date: 5 October 2008

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86-24496 		UH-60A 		78th Avn.
56-5929 		T-7 		11 Hiko Kyoikudan
73487/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
32610/SD 		OH-1 		Kyoiku Shien Hikotai#
41813/EH 		UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.
31309/IHB 		OH-6D 		102 Hikotai
52933/HGPVI 		CH-47J 		106 Hikotai
52953/HGPV 		CH-47JA 	105 Hikotai
43126/IHB 		UH-60JA 	102 Hikotai #
74504/SK 		AH-64D 		Kasumigaura Bunko
01021/STH 		EC225LP 	Tokubetsu Yuso Hik.#
22015/LR 		LR-1 		RTH #
23056/LR 		LR-2 		RTH #
51736/IIH 		KV-107 II-4 	preserved
31126/I 		OH-6D 		preserved hangar
8185 			HSS-2B 		21 Kokutai
8425 			SH-60K 		21 Kokutai
6901 			YS-11T 		205 Kyoiku Kokutai
# also seen flying

73412/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73421/IVATH             AH-1S           4 Taisensha Herik.
73427/IVATH             AH-1S           4 Taisensha Herik.
73436/IVATH             AH-1S           4 Taisensha Herik.
31283/IHB 		OH-6D           102 Hikotai       
52902/HGPIV 		CH-47J 		104 Hikotai
52903/HGPVI             CH-47J          106 Hikotai
52907/HGPVI             CH-47J          106 Hikotai
52917/HGPVI             CH-47J          106 Hikotai
52919/HGPIV             CH-47J          104 Hikotai
52921/HGPIII 		CH-47J          103 Hikotai
52927/HGPIV 		CH-47J          104 Hikotai
52929/HGPIII 		CH-47J          103 Hikotai
52932/HGPIII 		CH-47J          103 Hikotai
52956/HGPIII 		CH-47JA 	103 Hikotai
52964/HGPVI 		CH-47JA         106 Hikotai
52965/HGPV		CH-47JA         105 Hikotai
52967/HGPIII 		CH-47JA         103 Hikotai
43108/IHB 		UH-60JA         102 Hikotai
01022/STH, 01023/STH 	EC225LP 	Tokubetsu Yuso Hik.
22018/LR 		LR-1 		RTH

52910/HGPV 		CH-47J 		105 Hikotai
52916/HGPV              CH-47J          105 Hikotai
52925/HGPV              CH-47J          105 Hikotai
52934/HGPV              CH-47J          105 Hikotai

31288/EH 		OH-6D 		Tobu Homen Herik.
43120/WH 		UH-60JA 	Seibu Homen Herik.

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