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Kita Utsunomiya 2013

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JGSDF Camp Kita Utsunomiya Open Day
Date: 26 May 2013
98-4569 UH-60J ARW  
49-3043 U-125 FCG  
32607/SK OH-1 Kasumigaura Kou  
41813 UH-1J nmk  
41840/EH UH-1J Toubu Homen Herikoputatai  
31243/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
43106/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai  
74502/SD AH-64D Kyoiku Shien Hikotai  
62352/S TH-480B Koku Gakko  
23051/SU LR-2 Utsunomiya Kou  
8274 SH-60J 21 Kokutai  
41828/EH UH-1J Toubu Homen Herikoputai  
41831/NH UH-1J Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai  
41846, 41860, 41862 UH-1J nmk  
31233/SU, 31250/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
31265/SU, 31273/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
31251/S OH-6D Koku Gakko  
31263/I OH-6D 1 Hikotai  
52921/SK CH-47J Kasumigaura Kou  
52926/XIIH CH-47J 12 Herikoputatai  
43110/XIIH, 43112/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai  
43117/XIIH, 43133/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoutatai  
62356/S TH-480B Koku Gakko  
41874/MH UH-1J Chubu Homen Herikoputatai  
31245/VI OH-6D 6 Hikotai  
31289/XIII OH-6D 13 Hikotai  
31268/SU OH-6D Utsunomiya Kou  
43105/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai  


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