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Narashino 2002

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Date: 13 January 2002

Made by:


22003/E			LR-1		Tobu Homen Kokutai 
22010/M			LR-1	        Cyubu Homen Kokutai
31176/IVATH		OH-6D	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
32607/SK		OH-1	        KGKB               
41709/EH, 41725/EH	UH-1H	        Tobu Homen Herik.  
41802/EH, 41868/EH	UH-1J	        Tobu Homen Herik.  
52908/IH-1, 52929/IH-1	CH-47J	        1 Herik. 1 Hikotai 
52912/IH-2, 52916/IH-2	CH-47J	        1 Herik. 2 Hikotai 
52924/IH-2, 52925/IH-2	CH-47J	        1 Herik. 2 Hikotai 
1x			CH-47JA	        nn                 
73412/IVATH		AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73416/IVATH		AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73427/IVATH		AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
73433/IVATH		AH-1S	        4 Taisensha Herik. 
58-1008, 78-1025	C-1	        402 Hikotai        
35-1072, 85-1080	C-130H	        401 Hikotai        

00002 /ST		AS332L		Tokubetsu Yuso Hikot
41714/EH, 41715/EH	UH-1H	        Tobu Homen Herik.   
41814/EH		UH-1J	        Tobu Homen Herik.   
KGKB = Koku Gakko Kasumigaura Bunko
Herik. = Herikoputatai

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