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Okadama 1999

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Date: 5 September 1999

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98-1029   	C-1   		402 Hikotai
07-4478   	CH-47J  	HAS Misawa
98-4569   	UH-60J  	ARW Chitose
82-3007   	U-125A  	ARW Chitose
9301        	LC-90       	61 Kokutai
8161     	HSS-2B     	Ohminato Kokutai
73426/IATH      AH-1S      	1 Taisensha Herikoputatai
73452/IATH      AH-1S      	1 Taisensha Herikoputatai
41682/NH        HU-1H     	Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
41822/NH	UH-1J		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
41849/NH	UH-1J		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
41866/NH	UH-1J		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
31134/NH	OH-6D		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
31226/NH	OH-6D		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
31269/NH	OH-6D		Hokubu Homen Herikoputatai
31193/VII	OH-6D		7 Hikotai
31240/VII	OH-6D		7 Hikotai
31204/XI	OH-6D		11 Hikotai
31231/XI	OH-6D		11 Hikotai
52923/IH    	CH-47J    	1 Herikoputatai
22004/N         LR-1  		Hokubu Homen Hikotai
162164/NF-431	C-2A        	VRC-30
163553/8M	UC-12F   	NAF Misawa
165294/NF-601	E-2C    	VAW-115
162112/TA-02	SH-60B    	HSL-51
164842/NF-617	HH-60H     	HS-14
160136/NF-705	S-3B         	VS-21

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