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Tachikawa 2007

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Date: 23 September 2007

Made by:


85-24448 		UH-60A 		78th AvnBat
94-4849 		KV107II-A5 	Hamamatsu Kyun.
08-4570 		UH-60J 		Hyakuri Kyunantai
73479/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
32610/SD 		OH-1 		Kyoiku Sien Hikotai
41725/EH 		UH-1H 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41833/EH 		UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.
31176/IVATH 		OH-6D 		4 Taisensha Herik.
52923/XIIH 		CH-47J 		12 Herikoputatai
43117/XIIH 		UH-60JA 	12 Herikoputatai
23052/IHB 		LR-2 		Dan oyobi Hon. Zuk.
9304 			LC-90 		61 Kokutai
8227 			SH-60J 		101 Kokutai

Displayed in hangar:
41802/EH 		UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.
31270/IVATH 		OH-6D 		4 Taisensha Herik.
31294/I 		OH-6D 		1 Hikotai
52920/XIIH 		CH-47J 		12 Herikoputatai

73412/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73416/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73420/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73421/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73427/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73449/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73487/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
73490/IVATH 		AH-1S 		4 Taisensha Herik.
41697/EH, 41714/EH 	UH-1H 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41715/EH, 41716/EH 	UH-1H 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41732/EH 		UH-1H 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41807/EH 		UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41845/I 		UH-1J 		1 Hikotai
41868/EH, 41875/EH 	UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41880/I, 41891/I 	UH-1J 		1 Hikotai
31283/I, 31310/I 	OH-6D 		1 Hikotai
31288/EH, 31300/EH 	OH-6D 		Tobu Homen Herik.
52915/IIH, 52928/IIH 	CH-47J 		2 Herikoputatai

41700/EH 		UH-1H 		Tobu Homen Herik.
41878/EH 		UH-1J 		Tobu Homen Herik.

Main gate:
41647/MH 		UH-1H 		pres
31098/III 		OH-6J 		pres
31154/SU 		OH-6D 		pres
22003/E 		LR-1 		pres
11364/I 		L-19E 		pres

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