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Utsunomiya 2024

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Utsunomiya (Japan)

51st anniversary Kita Utsunomiya Garrison

1 June 2024

96-26696 UH-60L USA AvtnBatJapan  
08-1030 C-1 402 Hikotai  
02-3032 U-680A Hiko Tenkentai  
43126/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
74509/IBH AH-64DJP 1 Sento Herikoputatai  
62364/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
62372/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
23059/LR LR-2 Renraku Teisatsu Hikotai  
62361/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
62366/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
62368/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
62374/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
41867/SU/867 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41891/SU/891 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41924/SU/924 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
41925/SU/925 UH-1J Utsunomiya Kou  
45155/SK UH-2 Kasumigaura Kou  
43112/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
43115/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
43117/XIIH UH-60JA 12 Herikoputatai/1 Hikotai  
62367/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou  
62370/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou Blue Hornet demo
62373/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou Blue Hornet demo
62375/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou Blue Hornet demo
62377/SU TH-480B Utsunomiya Kou Blue Hornet demo
41681/MH UH-1H    
41804/XI UH-1J   On plinth, no rotors
31188/SU/88 OH-6D   JG-1226 on port tailboom
31193/SU/93 OH-6D   JG-1221 on port tailboom
92-7883 F-86F   Av. park, as 82-7818
41732 UH-1H   Gate
31115/VIII OH-6J   Aviation park
31135/S OH-6D   Gate
11366/SU L-19E   Gate
22006/SU LR-1   Gate
60506/SU T-34A   Aviation park

Credits: Internet

Show featured the Nikko formation which consisted of three UH-1Js, one UH-2, two UH-60JAs and four TH-480Bs.

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