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Yokota 1995

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Date: 23 July 1995

Made by:


79-0183/OS,80-0177/OS A-10A       25th FS
84-0167               C-12F       55th ALF
84-0133               C-21A       459th AS
74-2133               C-130H      36th AS
63-8874/ZZ            KC-135R     909th ARS
66-0208               C-141B      62nd AW
78-0493/ZZ            F-15C       12th FS
78-0517/ZZ            F-15C       44th FS
90-0774/OS            F-16C       36th FS "7th AF"
90-0779/OS            F-16D       36th FS
69-6639               UH-1N       459th AS
163033/02             EA-6B       VMAQ-4
164679/00,164653/04   F/A-18D     VFMA(AW)-121  VK 
163132/01,163161/07   F/A-18A     VFMA-122  DC 
163155/12             F/A-18A     VFMA-122  DC 
163731/01,163772/07   F/A-18C     VFMA-212  WH 
137908                HU-16C      nn
163659/22,162963/26   AV-8B       VMA-542  WH 
67-8379               F-4EJ Kai   306 Hikotai
73432                 AH-1F       Tobu homen kokutai
31232                 OH-6D       Tobu homen kokutai
07-4478               CH-47J      Iruma Kyunantai
89-5148               T-2         22 Hikotai
71-5232               T-33A       ADC HQ Flt

68-8933               C-9A        374th AW
86-0032, 87-0117      KC-10A      60th AMW
87-0120               KC-10A      305th AMW
84-0102, 84-0132      C-21A       459th AS
N96                   C-29A       FAA (ex 88-0271)
63-7837               C-130E      36th AS
73-1582, 74-1684      C-130H      36th AS
74-1676/AK,74-2062/AK C-130H      517th AS
62-3514               KC-135R     203rd AS HI ANG
61-0288/ZZ,63-8886/ZZ KC-135R     909th ARS
65-9399               C-141B      62nd AW
64-0650               C-141B      60th AMW
66-0198,67-0003       C-141B      62nd AW
78-0532/ZZ            F-15C       67th FS
98-1029               C-1         nn

Logged on 22 July:
90-0807/MJ            F-16C       14th FS
90-0837/MJ            F-16D       14th FS
80-1076/BB            U-2R        9th RW/5th RS

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