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Yokota 1997

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Date: 13/14 September 1997

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80-0164/OS            A-10A        25th FS
80-0245/OS            A-10A        25th FS
71-0877               C-9A         30th AS
86-0083/OS            C-12J        55th ALF
84-0102/YJ            C-21A        36th AS
63-7865/YJ            C-130E       36th AS
59-1492/ZZ            KC-135R      909th ARS
77-0353/ZZ            E-3B         961st AACS
78-0518/ZZ            F-15C        44th FS
78-0528/ZZ            F-15C        44th FS
90-0801/WW            F-16C        14th FS
90-0838/WW            F-16D        14th FS
69-6639               UH-1N        459t AS
69-15067              UH-1N        78th AVN
16..../WD-00          F/A-18C      VMFA-212
16..../WD-07          F/A-18C      VMFA-212
48-1004               C-1          402 Hikotai
07-4477               CH-47J       Iruma Kyunantai
70-8201               F-1          3 Hikotai
57-6906               RF-4E        501 Hikotai
33-3216               MU-2S        Hyakuri Kyunantai
64-4841               KV-107-II-5  Matsushima Kyunan
84-4848               KV-107-II-5  Hamamatsu Kyunant
48-1004               UH-60J       Hyakuri Kyunantai
8167                  HSS-2B       51 Kokutai
9303                  LC-90        61 Kokutai
5092                  P-3C         6 Kokutai
8250                  SH-60J       51 Kokutai
9202                  U-36A        81 Kokutai
73467                 AH-1S        JGSDF
31176                 OH-6D        JGSDF
N97                   BAe125       FAA

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