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Yokota 1999

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Date: 31 July/1 August 1999

Made by: Masanori Ogawa


A-10A      OS gn/yw   79-0211           51stFW 
A-10A      OS gn/yw   80-0253           51stFW 
KC-10A     bk/bl      84-0191           60thAMW 
C-12J      OS         86-0083           51stFW 
UC-12F                163560            MCAS Futenma 
C-17A                 89-1190           437thAW 
C-21A                 84-0131           374thAW 
C-130E     YJrd       63-7821           374thAW 
HC-130H               1711              USCG Barbers Point 
KC-135R    ZZ wt      60-0328           18thWg 
F-15C      ZZ bl      78-0499           18thWg 
F-15C      ZZ bl      78-0531           18thWg 
F-16C      WW yw/rd   90-0801           35thFW marked "35FW" 
F-16C      WW yw      90-0811           35thFW 
FA-18A     BM-00      163131            VMFA-115 
FA-18A     BM-05      163142            VMFA-115 
FA-18A     BM-12      163163            VMFA-115 
FA-18A     BM-13      163167            VMFA-115 
UH-1N                 69-6646           374thAW 
MH-53J                68-10358          31stSOS 
UH-60A                85-24451          78thAvnBn 
C-1                   68-1014           402nd Hikotai 
LC-90                 9304              61st Kokutai 
F-1                   00-8247           3rd Hikotai 
RF-4EJ                87-6406           501st Hikotai 
AH-1S      IVATH      73453             4th Anti-Tank Heli Sqn 
OH-6D      IVATH      31270             4th Anti-Tank Heli Sqn 
HSS-2B                8167              51st Kokutai 
CH-47J                97-4475           HAS Iruma 
SH-60J                8202              51st Kokutai 
UH-60J                38-4458           ARW Komatsu 
T-2                   89-5155           21st Hikotai 
MU-2S                 13-3225           ARW 
U-36A                 9206              81st Kokutai 
U-125                 29-3041           FCG 
YS-11T                6905              205th Kokutai 

Other noted: 
C-9A                  67-22583          374thAW 
C-9B       RX         159113            VR-57 
KC-10A     bl         86-0036           305thAMW 
C-17A                 92-3291           437thAW 
C-17A                 94-0067           437thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      62-1834           374thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      63-7790           374thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      63-7819           374thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      63-7850           374thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      63-7865           374thAW marked "374AW" 
C-130E     YJ rd      63-7879           374thAW 
C-130E     YJ rd      72-1288           374thAW marked "374OG" 
C-130H     AK wt      74-1658           3rdWg 
C-130H     AK wt      74-2062           3rdWg 
C-130H     AK wt      74-2070           3rdWg 
UH-1H                 71-20231          78thAvnBn 

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